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Henry County Police donate ballistic vests to officers in need


  The Henry County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to allow expired ballistic vests that are no longer being used by Henry County Police officers to be donated to fellow officers whose agencies cannot afford them.

  As a result of the vote, 170 expired vests will be surplused and donated. The Cornelia, Georgia Police Department will accept 12 SWAT vests, which retail for $1,200-$1,500 each when brand new. The balance will be donated to the Armor of God Project, a non-profit organization which refurbishes ballistic vests and redistributes them to police officers across the United States and around the world whose departments cannot afford them. Regular ballistic vests cost about $600 each when brand new.

  “Henry County has accepted donations from churches for these vests in the past,” explained Major Mark Amerman with the Henry County Police Support Services Division.  “Here’s our opportunity to pay it forward to someone who hasn’t been as fortunate as we have.”

  The Commissioners expressed enthusiastic support for the donations, with District 4 Commissioner Reid Bowman saying, “If it saves one police officer’s life so he can go home to his wife and kids, I’m all for it.”

  Such vests, which have exceeded their warranty period, cannot be given or sold to departments or individuals who are not law enforcement for security reasons. Therefore, surplusing and donating such vests make excellent use of the protective devices which had been merely collecting dust in the quartermaster’s office. There is no cost to Henry County to donate the expired vests, nor will there be any liability to the County for donating them.

  Henry County has a mandatory wear policy for its officers on the street, requiring everyone to wear the vests at all times when on duty.

  For more information about the Henry County Police Department Divisions and Programs, please visit



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