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Perfect Beginnings and Endings


Brenda Nail DeLauder Columnist

  When the sun begins to rise on crisp cold mornings of fall, lasting through early spring, the quiet of nature fades away with the night. Yes, people are up and out, but so are the birds who are on hand to welcome the new day. Before the sun reaches over our hills, birds of all kinds start making their way to the tiptop of the tallest trees. With much chatter and singing and flitting about, they race for the best spot to welcome the sun. On bitter cold days, they will line the branches, keeping each other warm while they wait for the rays of sun to reach them.

  I love to watch them during my morning walk and even after I return. While the kids around us wait for the bus, I enjoy a mug of coffee on the porch. I love savoring the sights and sounds of the kids and the critters of nature. Right now the sun and the school bus are perfectly timed. A couple of weeks ago we had several overcast days in a row, complete with rolling fog. The kids at the bus stop were intrigued by the fog, but after several days of gloom, we were all glad to see the sunshine hitting the tree tops. I was absolutely delighted when our eleven-year-old neighbor told me he had missed the morning bird chatter too. Wow! A middle school student who notices nature is always a good thing in my book.

  Once the bus arrives and the kids are on their way, the birds are usually heading out too and itís time to get on to the work at hand. On days when the news seems to overrun with gloom and doom and politics, I find strength in happy moments of nature, critters and kids. It allows joy to fill my soul, not only allowing a bright spot to the day, but often it helps me find a way to see past the ugly.

  During the fall season, there seems to be so much going on. Church bazaars and festivals to prepare for, lots of school and sports activities, as well as fall cleaning of both house and yard. The regular pace picks up in speed and we must dance quicker in order to accomplish all we have on our lists. When we over- schedule our lives, we often make the mistake of cutting back on things such as stopping to listen to the birds, or talking with kids who are not our own. Frivolous activities, they are not!

  God provides us with smiles everywhere we turn. Even in our sad times, there will be moments of joy to help us battle through our sorrows. It is up to us to take notice. As much as I love watching the birds in our yard around our feeders, it was only within the last two years I truly noticed the morning and evening ďsun rituals.Ē Why I never noticed before I donít know, but Iím so glad I finally did, because it is truly a joy to both watch and listen.

  In the evenings just before sunset, the treetops are once again prime spots for the birds. They dart from tree to tree all scurrying to find and enjoy the last rays of sunshine. Once the sun sets, they make their way to lower branches, fir trees, and bushes. Then as the stars begin to be seen, the night takes over bringing with it a blanket of quiet. The night creatures will soon be heard, but in the twilight, all is quiet.

  Perfect beginnings and endings to a day. All free, and all from God.




 Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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