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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.



Hey Henry, I just want to wish a very special “Happy Birthday” to the love of my life, Elissa. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I love you!

Hey Henry, why is it that every time it rains, huge holes form on Jonesboro Street between the Square and railroad tracks? They even form where holes have already been patched. Someone is going to blow a tire on one of these "craters" one day.

Hey Henry, thanks to the two guys holding signs and having a good time at the Tanger intersection in Locust Grove. I always have to smile.

Hey Henry, why doesn't Henry County have a 55+ community for renters?

Hey Henry, not satisfied with library hours or temperatures? With the county currently millions in the red, you'll soon have fewer branches to gripe about. In spite of what the media tell you, there is a recession going on.

Hey Henry... To the person saying a Vice Principal is also bartending at night.... How would you know? Why are you hanging out in a bar instead of being at home with your kids? At least the Vice Principal is working!

Hey Henry, guineas/chickens whatever they are...They should not be allowed to go into the road. Leash laws do exists for the safety of these animals and drivers in this county! I do agree the speeds are in excess on Old Jackson but these animals going into the roadway are a hazard also. What are you going to do when you get hit head on because someone is swerving to miss the guineas?

Hey Henry, attending the City Council Meetings in Stockbridge is better than any "reality" show ever made.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to Phil at Moyes Pharmacy in Hampton for saving my day.

Hey Henry, the older I get, the older “elderly” gets.

Hey Henry, I wish there was a decent place to eat in the Kelleytown area. I really miss the East Lake Diner.

Hey Henry, why are the restrooms at Heritage Park locked with a winterized sign? People do go to the park in the winter and need the restrooms open.

Hey Henry, the City of McDonough did a great job on the Square. The brick walkways, benches and even music are wonderful. However, it's time to do something about the storefronts that surround it. Improving them would finish the project.

Hey Henry, people who have the means to pay their mortgage, but walk away from that responsibility because the home value is less than the mortgage are predators and have no honor!

Hey Henry, is there some rule against a Vice Principal having a part-time job, or is the problem that you have an alcohol prejudice?

Hey Henry, Stop signs mean stop! Not go when you feel like it, or don't stop at all. Henry County doesn’t seem to know exactly how a stop sign is used!


Hey Henry, I want to send a HUGE Thank You to the person who found and turned in my AARP/Visa card to the Lake Dow CVS on Hwy. 81 on or around December 14. It really increased my faith in humankind to know there are still some honest people. It made my Christmas much better. You know who you are and I hope you read The Times. Thanks again!

Hey Henry, I was traveling out 81 East where the new traffic signal is going in at Racetrack Road. I saw they finally got some wire strung from all four poles. The first thing that came to my mind was if the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, was there, he would say “They’re fixing this intersection one piece at a time.”

Hey Henry, did anyone know that you can be a Vice Principal for a school by day and a bartender by night in Henry County?

Hey Henry, those guineas (not chickens) near the road at Laney and Old Jackson are a blessing. The way people fly down Old Jackson Rd. at such a busy intersection is just clucking nuts. A truck had to swerve across the road and into the guineas’ yard not to rear end me while trying to turn onto my road. I think a “Pay Attention and Slow Down” sign will work.

Hey Henry, for all of you who vote yes to SPLOST, just remember that most of it is LOST.

Hey Henry, I got my vehicle tag bills for 2012 and was shocked to see that the ad valorem tax is the exact same price as it was in 2011. The County says my vehicle has not depreciated in the last 12 months. How could that be possible?

Hey Henry, I have a suggestion for next year's Geranium Drop. On the giant pot have “ACME” in big letters, and have people running around dressed in coyote suits on the sidewalks beneath.

Hey Henry, it's too bad we can't enjoy the McDonough library during the few hours they're open because it's so cold in there!

Hey Henry, did you know that there's a new tax we as taxpayers are going to get hit with? It's to cover the money that Georgia got from the Feds. I don't recall asking for the money myself. The governor did, but we have to pay for the loan he asked for. Surprise!

Hey Henry, I think Steve Davis is earning every bit of his $17,000. He's a doer.

Hey Henry, to the person who told the person to “quit being lazy and get out of the car to pay the water bill,” I know this person and they happen to have an incapacitating injury and is not mobile like you and me. So shame on you for your remark about being lazy.

Hey Henry, it's a crying shame what “they” have done to our city Square. We used to have a perfectly good “roundabout.”

Hey Henry, when will you ever pave Peeksville Rd? We've lived here 24 years and ruined many a car driving on this poorly maintained dirt road. Every once in a while they sprinkle a few rocks here and there, but never give it a good solid coat of gravel. Peeksville is a main thoroughfare from Ola to Locust Grove with quite a bit of traffic, including the Water Authority trucks and people with boats going to the Tussahaw Reservoir. Why don't you get the Water Authority to pitch in and help with the cost of paving since they are part of the problem? Thanks for the opportunity to sound off.


Hey Henry, thank you Commissioner Warren Holder for being man enough to vote "Yes" so that Sunday sales will be on the ballot in March.

Hey Henry, I want to thank the family on East Mays Rd. off 155 for the beautiful Christmas scene. We loved it, even after Christmas it was still great. Next year I hope more people will leave on their Christmas lights after Christmas. Some of us were just finally getting to get out and see them. Happy New Year to all the Henry County folks!

Hey Henry, okay there are leash laws for dogs and cats, right? Well, what about chickens? I sure do wish someone would do something about the chickens on the corner of Old Jackson and Laney. They just cross the road as if they own it and apparently they are deaf ‘cause the horn doesn’t phase them... Come on man, fence in your yard or at least put your chickens in a fence.

Hey Henry, has anyone else noticed that the left turn signal on Bill Gardner when turning onto Tanger Blvd. only lasts for about three seconds. I’ve never seen all the cars make it through without running the light. Can this be fixed?

Hey Henry, thanks to the Locust Grove Wal-Mart "Secret Santa" who provided for the children's Christmas while their mother has been in ICU, Thank you for all of the food and gifts. Your generosity is well appreciated.

Hey Henry, just a reminder that the leash law applies to cats, too.

Hey Henry, a big Thank You to all of those that drove out to our home and watched our Christmas Light Show on East Mays Road in Stockbridge. We do it every year. Come back and see us again in 2012. A bigger Thank you to the paper for featuring our home this year. Happy New Year everyone!

Hey Henry, my wife said that I don't least, that's what I think she said.

Hey Henry, I think Henry County should fix their roads. When you come off 75 going north at Jodeco Rd. you can't miss the big long hole on the end of the ramp just as you get onto Jodeco Rd.

Hey Henry, the new traffic lights are up on 138 in Stockbridge. We were hoping they would synchronize the lights to help with the traffic flow. Looks like someone got a big check for new lights but we're stuck with the same old mess!

Hey Henry, I don't understand why the HCBOE will not press charges against people who are crossing attendance lines from out of the county to attend Henry County Schools. As a taxpayer to the schools and court system it is what my dollars should be used for.

Hey Henry, our tax bill came in the mail on Christmas Eve. Great timing Commissioner Curry and a Merry Christmas to you too!

Hey Henry, in response to "County Probate Judge requested retroactive pay." The County never paid what was due. A workman is worth his hire. Do you work for less than agreed?

Hey Henry, it is sad when a country considers one race more important than others. One race should not be more important then another race. We all are out here trying to make it. Struggling doesn’t have a skin color.


Hey Henry, thanks to everyone involved in the decoration on the Square. They made a lovely backdrop for my holiday pictures.

Hey Henry, you dog lovers need to keep your dogs on a leash! There is a leash law in Henry County.

Hey Henry, I would like to say a big thank you to the person who found my son’s debit card in the Walmart shopping center and then turned it in to Suntrust. So glad that there are still honest people in this world. You are truly an angel.

Hey Henry, I think you should dedicate one issue to “Hey Henry.” That way all the vents make the paper, not just a select few. Come on, we all need a little vent every once in a while!

Hey Henry, this community has proven once again why I moved to Henry County. You have all heard about the tragic event that occurred on December 19 to the Butler/Thornton family. The support and love that this community has given to the families of the children that have been left behind and the mothers and grandmothers that mourn their children and grandchildren is amazing. I want to say how proud I am to live in Henry County and how grateful I am for the people who have come together to support and and assist these families. I am sure Dustin, Kelly, Brooke and Braylon are smiling down from Heaven and are thankful that their loved ones have your support.

Hey Henry, people, if the sign says “20 items or fewer,” don't get in line with 30 items and then look furtively at those of us waiting with our 10 items like you've cheated the system. All you have succeeded in doing is exposing yourself as the cheat that you really are.

Hey Henry, Happy Holidays to everyone at The Henry County Times! Thanks for all you do all year long. (Ed. note - we love you too!)

Hey Henry, would the media just tell us? Is Kim Jong Il or really dead?

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about paying their water bill at the drive-through window and waiting 12 minutes. Go inside. You always get faster service inside a business, as they tend to wait on the people who are standing in front of them. Quit being lazy and get out of your car!

Hey Henry, must be someone that needs to retire before the Eagles Landing extension can be completed. Sure tired of going over uneven bridge joints.

Hey Henry, we need to remember our men and women who are overseas and away from loved ones this holiday season. Not just the soldiers in Afghanistan. But also in places like France and Germany. I remember when I was in the service in 1971. The Bob Hope Show came and performed for us, and there for a little while we were able to forget about where we were and what we were doing. I’ll never forget when Bob Hope sang Silent Night. That was really something. So let’s not forget about them and the sacrifices they make for our freedom.

Hey Henry, thank you so much for the person who turned in the McDonald's gift card at the Kroger at Price Quarters/East Lake. You will be blessed! My faith is restored.


Hey Henry, the best Christmas tree in Henry County is on Leguin Mill Rd. just past South Ola Rd.

Hey Henry, we need someone to enforce the noise ordinance over here on Hooten, College, Cleveland and Zack Hinton streets. Somebody needs to do something to quiet down these fools.

Hey Henry, I would like to thank the person who found my Wii game in a cart at Walmart and returned it to the store. You not only saved my grandson's Christmas gift but reaffirmed my trust that some people do the right thing! May you have the best holiday ever! You will be in my prayers for the rest of my life.

Hey Henry, for the one who is misinformed about SPLOST and "all administrators getting raises".... uh, not so much! I am the spouse of an administrator and there are no raises on the horizon. There seems to be a lot of criticism from people who have no idea what they are talking about. Merry Christmas!

Hey Henry, can someone tell me why are there so many traffic lights hanging above the intersection of 155 and Lawrenceville St?

Hey Henry, in response to our tax dollars being used to pay inmate work crews from other counties. Check it out. It's cheaper to contract convict labor than maintain county staff.

Hey Henry, why did it take me 12 minutes to pay the water bill at city hall in the drive thru line? There was not even anyone in front of me! The clerk has to come from the back to window, take my payment back to the back to get a receipt. Along the way stopping and talking to people. They have a computer terminal located at the drive thru window. When I asked the clerk why it couldn’t be processed there, she laughed and said none of the equipment at the window worked. Really? First of all, don’t laugh about it and secondly, lets get it fixed!

Hey Henry, for those complaining about Sunday alcohol sales. Here is your solution - don't buy on Sunday! For those of you that want to control others’ choices, feel free to move elsewhere.

Hey Henry, I believe the taxpayers should be up in arms about the new Campground Road SPLOST project. There is no way that it will improve the traffic problem. This very expensive undertaking is a waste of much needed money. I for one will never vote for another SPLOST penny!

Hey Henry, I am sure I speak for all school bus drivers...we love our job and kids... but will we ever get a raise...we transport precious ones safely and with love everyday...but come on Henry County we need a raise... It's been long overdue...Please help...Very low pay and higher insurance premiums...It is really sad but over the years I have noticed “you get what you pay for.”

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy and Safe New Year. And remember Jesus is the reason all season long.

Hey Henry, illegal immigrants should not get free education and medical care at our expense. I was born and raised on a farm and we got the work done with Americans. Sorry to offend those who think differently, but we can get it done again. My hard working tax money should not support those who are not legal.


Hey Henry, after reading the story about the musical Christmas tree house on East Mays Rd. I went by there this past weekend. It was marvelous and definitely got our carload into the Christmas spirit. I am going back again this weekend!

Hey Henry, we appreciate the lines that were painted on Sandy Ridge Road. But, wouldn’t it have made more sense to pave it first.

Hey Henry, I saw a stationery store move.

Hey Henry, to the person who passes through the Square and thinks it is empty, you are really missing out. Four of the best restaurants (Seasons, Chevy's, Pasta Max, and PJ's) in the county are all located on the Square. No "big box" restaurant can touch any of them. It's not Mayberry as you said, but slow down and enjoy the good life the Square has to offer!

Hey Henry, I appreciate the chance to vent.

Hey Henry, to the posts about Henry County Administrators getting raises....its not true, there are no raises for administrators or anyone else. If you actually read the minutes, you'd see that all they did was officially include the new job title of Executive Officer in the already existing salary schedule. No raises for any positions at all.

Hey Henry, to the person who stole the Christmas wreaths off the store front at Clay Plaza. Did you think you were stealing from the city? No, you stole from a private citizen who put them on the store front trying to make the building look less "abandoned."

Hey Henry, to the young woman with the dancing hat that was pooper scooping behind the horses in the McDonough Christmas parade; bravo! You made what is a really gross job look like fun. Think we enjoyed watching you have such a good time most of all!

Hey Henry, this is for our local middle school. Assigning a very long movie to watch, and fifty questions is not the way that we would like to spend our Christmas break. A break should be a break, right? We would like to spend our break the same way that your faculty does, with our families and friends. Some of us have family that we only get to see, and spend time with a few times a year. We all need a break. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!

Hey Henry, a shout out to McDonalds! The tiny fry container in the revamped Happy Meals costs more than the fries it contains! I ordered a Happy Meal the other night, and there were 10 fries in the teeny-tiny fry box. McDonalds should be a treat - if you're trying to eat healthy, then you probably won't be going to McDonalds to begin with. I know I don't go to McDonalds for apple slices.

Hey Henry, please educate yourselves before complaining! SPLOST funds are used solely for capital improvements - new schools, replacements and upgrades to current schools, and technology. SPLOST does not fund salaries of school system employees, nor were administrators given raises. Again, educate yourself! School activities and actions are public record, and as such are available for anyone to review at any time.

Hey Henry, why is Tara Field being called Atlanta Southern Regional Airport? It's in Henry County, Hampton, why not call it Henry Regional? We are not in Atlanta. Same with Atlanta Motor Speedway.


Hey Henry, I don't understand why there is someone at the Heritage Park museum from 9 to 3 Monday through Friday, but our libraries are closed Friday and Saturday. Friday afternoon and Saturday are the times when working moms can take their kids to the library so they can work on school projects to read. I was a member of the county public gym and now it has limited hours. I would like to know how many people visit that museum in a week compared to visitors to the public library on Fridays. Even if the museum has volunteers, could we not do that to keep our libraries open. Is this how our tax dollars are at work?

Hey Henry, "Leeway in interpreting" is another way of saying we're going to continue cheating others and acting in our own best interests just like the developer, builders, real estate agents, and HOA management companies did.

Hey Henry, this section needs to be longer!

Hey Henry, if I were an employer I would never hire a smoker. All they have on their mind is the next cigarette.

Hey Henry, I agree with the person who says they would Think Local if the prices were competitive. There is nothing on the Square in McDonough which I need. Most of the stores are empty and the few that are in business, are way overpriced. I pass through the Square on my way to Henry Town Center, or head south to Macon to the Shoppes at River Crossing. Local, homegrown businesses are a thing of the past. This isn't Mayberry!

Hey Henry, this Henry County cop wishes we did have Sunday sales. That's when I tend to do my velvet shopping. On the rare occasion when I think some beer might be nice, it's silly to prohibit the sale. The people who are likely to cause a problem either buy a case to tide them over or go to a bootlegger.

Hey Henry, it's funny how after SPLOST was passed, Henry County Schools are giving raises to all Administrators and wasting money leasing a warehouse.

Hey Henry, there has been a lot of dirty talk about "rednecks" in the paper recently. Just because you have a four wheel drive, hunt, or chew tobacco, does not make you a redneck. I would take that as offensive. Don’t make fun of someone because they have a country accent, they can’t help it.

Hey Henry, just a reminder that calling an ambulance should be reserved for "emergencies" only! Not for a runny nose, stubbed toe, toothache, or other minor injury or illness. These are advanced life support trucks that are being used to transport non-emergency patients to hospitals all over Atlanta when people who really need them have to wait! Call a cab, a private ambulance service, a friend, or family member to take you to the hospital if you have a minor problem. Thank you, from a frustrated firefighter!

Hey Henry, did you know that our tax dollars are used to pay inmate work crews from other counties like Spalding. Your tax dollars at work.

Hey Henry, why do I constantly see Henry County police driving so aggressively while patrolling and unnecessarily wasting fuel. Other cities like Griffin are struggling to purchase gas in this economy. They are having to make their officers walk a beat. Maybe we should give them some of our gas since we have plenty to waste.


Hey Henry, I want to thank the very nice guy at 'QuickTrip' last week who gave me an extra $5 so I could get more gas than my $20 would buy. That was so nice. I hope that you did win some money on the lotto ticket that you got. I will never forget your kindness. I wish that others would do something as nice as you did for me. Thanks again, Melissa. (The lady who had to count all the loose change!)

Hey Henry, I shot my first turkey the day before Thanksgiving! Sorry to the folks in the Kroger frozen foods section if I startled you.

Hey Henry, in response to the person wanting "No Thru Traffic" in McDonough. What does "No Thru Traffic" really mean? Correct me if I am wrong, but these are public roads! If I choose to utilize that road as part of my route, how can you stop me?

Hey Henry, to the person who thinks it's "no big deal" about Sunday alcohol sales, why don’t you ask some local law enforcement officers how they feel about it? Or maybe some of the long time, original Henry County residents? You may find that they, like I, wish that there were no Sunday sales! However, this is just one more reason to prove that our country is going to you-know-where in a handbasket and the ones who care seem to be "outnumbered" by the ones who don't!

Hey Henry, I made my first visit to Heritage Park last month, and was greatly surprised at how nice and clean it was. The Memorial Wall was very informative and displayed in a very reverent manner. I never knew Henry County had anything so nice. Everyone needs to go out there and see it at least once.

Hey Henry, young people, don't get in any hurry to get your college education, because I just spent $40K at college. I got my degree with honors and cannot find a job because a lot of companies won’t hire unless you have experience. I don't understand this. In the past, having a degree was all that mattered. Now experience is all they care about. It's a no-win situation. I believe companies call people and interview people just to make themselves look good. They already know who they are going to hire, believe me. They just do this to cover their own butts. If you are a family member or friend, you won’t have a problem.

Hey Henry, I just watched the Henry County Commissioners meeting on the local cable station and was appalled that the County Probate Judge requested retroactive pay for her duties in dealing with Vital Records and Passports. The total of the retroactive pay was over $90,000. I can't believe that she would request this when the County is in such dire financial shape and many county employees are losing their jobs. I am afraid the Probate Judge just sealed her fate for the next election.

Hey Henry, is there some way to make those "Give gap-Take gap" signs more visible on the McDonough Square? Right now, it's just a bumper-car free-for-all.

Hey Henry, FYI... It is not true that the faster you go the greater chance of hydroplaning in standing water. The speed at which a car hydroplanes is equal to 8.6 times the square root of the tire pressure....which for most cars is between 45-50 mph.

Hey Henry, in the parking lot at the Walmart on Hwy. 138 a lot of panhandlers are asking for gas to get them to the hospital to see a sick loved one...etc. Isn't there something that can be done about this?


Hey Henry, thank you... for all the news you have and all the problems people are having to write you about. It makes my day out here in Garland, Texas to know what is going on in McDonough and Henry County. I miss not being out there to see Henry County like it has grown in the past 47 years that I have been away.

Hey Henry, about the parking meters, the City could wrap the meters but then the people from the courthouse will park there all day long. What will the merchants do then?

Hey Henry, I would “THINK LOCAL” for shopping if you could "THINK COMPETITIVE" in your pricing. I don't have extra money to blow supporting over-priced local business.

Hey Henry, let’s all try for more positive attitudes!

Hey Henry, did the principals really just get a raise?

Hey Henry, what would you say if I said you could access questions to ask your child about Math, Science, English, and Social Studies for this week in school, and what would you say if I told you, that these questions are written as conversation starters, requiring your child to discuss with you, what they are learning? Ed note. I’d say, Where can I find them?

Hey Henry, sometimes people have to accept a wage that they don't like because there are no other jobs.

Hey Henry, if the minimum wage rates aren't cutting it for you then you need to learn a new trade to make better wages. Do not depend on the government to take care of you! The rich are getting richer because they strive for better and work hard.

Hey Henry, what's the logic of building a multi-million dollar bridge for 10+ lanes of traffic on Hudson Bridge Rd. over I- 75 and leaving room for only 6 lanes on I-75 under the bridge?

Hey Henry, to the Nissan owner with electrical problems. I am sure your car has a huge (MISS) then just quits while driving. Change your fuel pump/filter first. Then, you can check the CAM sensor/crank shaft sensor and distributor. I just went thru this as well. Nissans are notorious for this problem.

Hey Henry, I wish someone would look at adjusting the traffic lights in Stockbridge. Every morning on the way to work, traffic has to wait on North Henry for the light at Flippen Rd to cycle. Turn arrows on with no turning traffic.

Hey Henry, who cares that alcohol can be sold on Sundays now, this isn't the bible belt anymore. Deal with it, it's another day where you don't have to drive to a bar and drink there.

Hey Henry, since the November 8 election, the sun shines brighter and the birds are still here, singing again in Hampton - the Bird Sanctuary. The nest needs further cleaning in the next election, if not sooner.

Hey Henry, I was amused by the person in the gold car last week who said he/she was driving at seventy in the rain, although being careful. Usually driving that fast in the rain is not careful, it is dangerous, and one of the reasons so many accidents happen. I don't know if an accident happened to gold car, but watching the truck behind it could distract a driver going seventy in the rain. Sorry Gold Car, slow down in the rain. It is easy to hydroplane on a wet street, and seventy is just too fast under those conditions.


Hey Henry, courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.

Hey Henry, for anyone driving an older (1999) Nissan Maxima... can you recommend a local mechanic who can handle a possible electrical problem? Thanks!

Hey Henry, the Mt. Carmel Dog Park is meant for friendly dogs that know how to play well with others. If you have trained your dog to be aggressive and attack other dogs, please do not take them to this park.

Hey Henry, it's not a company's responsibility to ensure that their workers make a living wage. They're responsible for paying you a wage that you accepted.

Hey Henry, to the person who walked off with my 40 dollars “cash back”­ from the self-serve checkout at the Kroger on McDonough Rd. this Saturday, with more on my mind than you care to know, I inadvertently walked off without it. I hope you were able to feed your hungry children with it.

Hey Henry, I really wish the Henry County Police Department would sit outside of Luella High School when the students dismiss. The kids drive like maniacs and so do a lot of the parents. I am tired of nearly getting hit everytime I have to go to that school.

Hey Henry, I am the person in the gold car. I was doing 70 and it was raining. I was using caution and the truck was driving wrecklessly, so close to my bumper I could hardly see the lights. They could have gone around but they cut between me and the car behind me. You were either a witness who did not come forward or the person in the truck. I hope HCPD follows up on your post.

Hey Henry, good for Hampton! The people have spoken and now have council members who share our culture and values. Wonder who will be the next to go?

Hey Henry, how come none of my vents ever make the paper?

Hey Henry, it is disgusting to see people willingly vote themselves a tax increase in times like this. I guess the school system needs to build another palatial academy “for the children”. We are sheep and suckers and deserve exactly what we are getting. Have a little common sense people.

Hey Henry, Rock Quarry Road is closed at the railroad tracks!
How hard is it to comprehend a road closed sign? Not to mention “no outlet” and “dead end”? Put your phones down and pay attention to what is going on around you. And don't be mad at the truckdrivers when we shake our heads at you, we know where we are going. Don't you wish you could say the same?

Hey Henry, I would like to challenge our local citizens to “THINK LOCAL” as you do your Christmas shopping! I also would like to challenge City Hall to wrap those parking meters during our holiday season so shoppers can shop without stopping to feed the meters!

Hey Henry, City of McDonough Mayor and Council please fill the City Administrator position with a native of Henry County. The citizens are tired of the out-of-county hires because they could care less about our County or our City.


Hey Henry, it's ridiculous that companies really believe people can make it off of an $8 to $10 per hour salary. This seems to be the going pay for most jobs in this economy when everything is going up, from groceries, to health insurance. The only jobs our government is producing are low paying jobs with no hope of the American dream. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Hey Henry, I would like to know why, we the people of Henry, don’t have the privilege of voting to see if we wanted to have (Sunday) alcohol sales in this county? I know we have intelligent people here, so why can’t we decide?

Hey Henry, your police department is being destroyed. Police officers are forced to do less every day to stay out of trouble. Without aggressive police, crime will go up and property values will go down. It is time to fix the problem and save the good officers that still work there. 42 have quit.

Hey Henry, I want to say a big "Thank You" to the City of Hampton and the merchants of Main St. and Booth's Crossing for the Trick or Treat event Monday. My 4-year old and her cousins had a great time. I was happy to have a safe place for my daughter to enjoy the tradition.

Hey Henry, regarding the British taking over our airwaves, maybe it's because we Americans have lost the proper way of speaking English. It's nice to hear people on the airwaves speaking good English and not some slang of some sort. It's refreshing for a change and shows some intelligence.

Hey Henry, to the person in the gold convertible Sebring that got run off the road on I-75. If you CANT go faster than 65 in the fast lane then get out of the way!

Hey Henry, where's your spell check?

Hey Henry, as an employee of a local school system, I am required to report when children are in danger. I need to file a report. I watch as our precious children are put in danger each day when they must cross over Hwy. 20 at East Lake Road under such precarious conditions. I watch as elementary children on buses, middle school children with their parents and high school children in their own vehicles must cross over an intersection that desperately needs a light. Hey Henry Commissioners - MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Hey Henry, all of you who park on the curb at the Superior Courthouse in the Square make it very difficult for people with larger cars and SUVs to pull out of their parking spots for fear of hitting your car. There are parking spots to park in, so why can't you just park there and leave the curb open?

Hey Henry, I know 99.99% of you are law abiding and hunt in a conscientious manner. But to the irresponsible fool who killed a deer on private property and then dumped the carcass on the side of my road: You shouldn't even be allowed to own a gun. And I would guess you don't have a hunting license, either.

Hey Henry, there's going to be 50 more employees laid off at Henry County, but they approved $200,000 for highway landscaping at exit 218. So how's that airport purchase helping keep jobs?

Hey Henry, Did it occur to any of the geniuses who planned the zoning/construction on Eagle's Landing Pkwy. how an ambulance would get to Henry Medical with Rock Quarry Rd. also closed for over a year. Where are your brains?


Hey Henry, Rock Quarry Road at the railroad crossing is closed and will be closed until December 2012. Traffic is being detoured onto Flippen Road to Banks Road.

Hey Henry, what happened to the "cool" in school?

Hey Henry, is there anything the City Of McDonough can do about the racetrack and traffic on Sloan Street and Bryan Street? Both are too narrow for the speeds people insist on traveling. Both should be posted with No Thru Traffic - No Trucks!

Hey Henry, if a word were misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know?

Hey Henry, would like to give a BIG shoot-out to the 8U Longhorns and awesome coaches for finishing the season undefeated! Way to go boys!

Hey Henry, where was the train depot located in McDonough?

Hey Henry, I think all the storefronts around the Square should be painted in cheerful colors like the yellow one. It might attract more business; the Square looks boring as it is.

Hey Henry, the color of the new party store on the Square is tacky! Our town square is a reflection of our warm southern charm. Now we have Bozo the Clown sticking out like a neon light. Isn't there an ordinance to keep the theme of the Square similar? If not I vote to make one ASAP!

Hey Henry, somebody needs to remind the commissioners (especially District 2) that when you say you are getting something "free" for the taxpayers of Henry County because you are paying with federal money, the feds got it by taxing us. Nothing is free, certainly not the $15 million in federal money that went to buy Tara Field, and not the previously-approved operating budget. The voters aren't nearly as stupid as you assume.

Hey Henry, thank you to the Locust Grove City Council for re-instating Chief Jesse Patton!

Hey Henry, I would like to compliment the kids who were helping out at Noah's Ark a couple of weekends ago. When I asked whom these extremely well behaved and clean-cut kids were, I was told that they were the ROTC group from Henry County High School. Parents of those children should be very proud of how they look and how they acted.

Hey Henry, why do Hampton residents have to pay the city to pick up trash on the side of the road? It should be included in with the high electric bill.

Hey Henry, I always read all the negative comments from everyone complaining about Henry County. Well I don't have a complaint; I want to say THANK YOU TO THE CITY OF MCDONOUGH POLICE! I feel safe knowing that I have them watching over me! Mayor Copeland, I know you are pushing for our safety as well. A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU AND THE MCDONOUGH POLICE FORCE!

Hey Henry, can we PLEASE have the huge bump on the new bridge at Eagle's Landing smoothed out? I hit it so hard it knocked my car out of gear.

Hey Henry, Ron White had it right. You can't fix stupid!


Hey Henry, I know what happened to the “pal” in principal: He was my boss, Ted Strickland (passing March 2010). Many of his students would share their fond memories and often used the quote “he put the ‘pal’ in principal. Every day we miss him. Terry Kight, City of Stockbridge.

Hey Henry, bravo to McDonough Arts on their cemetery tour last Saturday! It was well organized and one of the very best events that I have been to in Henry County.

Hey Henry, there was a power outage at Macy's yesterday. Twenty Atlanta "occupiers" were trapped on the escalators.

Hey Henry, if the citizens of Henry County are lucky, maybe we will be able to have a SPLOST citizens oversight committee like Dekalb, if we really matter.

Hey Henry, we used to have so much fun this time of year with Horror on Heritage Hill. Now the county is too afraid to use its own facilities. I think Henry County Government has consumed too many slices of Stanley Pye.

Hey Henry, FYI: Halloween is on Halloween in my neighborhood. If you come on any other day, you will not receive candy. We do not change the day. It is one night a year folks, you can deal with having your doorbell rung on a school night and work week. People can't afford to give out candy two and three nights for Halloween.

Hey Henry, we would like a Chick-fil-A and a Tractor Supply Co. in Luella. Sincerely, Occupy Luella.

Hey Henry, has nobody noticed the British are taking over our media. I thought our ancestors came over here to get away from that bunch.

Hey Henry, remember those pretty pumpkins decorating the outside of Bell, Book & Candle up until this past Wednesday? Would the person(s) responsible for "borrowing" every single pumpkin please return them?

Hey Henry, thanks to the Best Buy Geek Squad for your instant diagnosis of my laptop problems, and then checking on-line through your Rewards program to find the faulty part was still under warranty. What a crew!

Hey Henry, if you are thinking about burning leaves, now that it's fall, it would be a good idea to call and get a burning permit, even for a small burn. I speak from experience...

Hey Henry, is there is anyone out there who saw the maroon 2 door pick up deliberately run me, in my gold convertible Sebring, off the road onto the median. I was in the fast lane on I-75 S, near the 155 exit at 5 p.m. Tuesday 10/18/11. If you have any info or got a tag or part of the tag number, please call the Henry County Police Dept. This person has bad road rage and is a danger to everyone. Thank you to the yellow car that let me get back on the highway.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about administrators and teachers being rude to you. First, I am a teacher and do NOT get a big paycheck and second, please don't put all teachers and administrators in the same boat. Instead try to confront the person or people who are being rude to you.

Hey Henry, to the person who said go to the higher up people, they are the problem because they don't get anything done. They are too busy sucking down their coffee in their offices and talking for hours about how their weekend went.


Hey Henry, residents on Moseley Road in Stockbridge should observe the leash laws or keep their dogs at home. It is unfair to those of us who live on Moseley Road who do observe the laws.

Hey Henry, someone needs to do an exposé on HOA management firms and their self-serving ways.

Hey Henry, does anyone remember when Charles Hancock was Chief of Police in Hampton? I thought it was in the late 1990s or early 2000's.

Hey Henry, this sure is a beautiful county! I wish it were safer for the elderly people that live alone.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the McDonough Police parking in the church parking lot and running radar. If you're complaining you must have been stopped. If you obey the traffic laws you won't be stopped. Thanks to the police for being out there.

Hey Henry, if the county wants to generate more revenue, why not have the police enforce the handicap parking spots. I see people everyday park in them with and without handicap stickers and there is nothing handicapped about them, they are just sorry and lazy. They just take up the space and the people that need them have to park far away.

Hey Henry, what happened to the "pal" in principal?

Hey Henry, I wish the parents would push for the Board of Education to put more effort in catching and putting the parents of all the kids who are out of county or going to schools out of district in jail. When they catch them they just send them back to their home school. What about punishment to really teach them a lesson?

Hey Henry, I noticed that The Times had recipes for pork chops and ribeyes. I am glad to see that some folks can still eat high on the hog! This week I roasted a whole chicken that was 69 cents a pound, and my daughter asked me why it looked so funny; it didn't look like the usual chicken. I guess she is used to eating the 99 cent a pound breast. She also told me that my dirty rice with the giblets was weird.

Hey Henry, the GDOT awarded Henry County $435,600 and Henry County matched with $108,900 for a 12-foot-wide paved trail at Nash Farm. I wonder how the people who travel East Lake Road each day feel. The road is nothing but patches and the intersection of East Lake Road and Highway 20 is one of, if not the most dangerous in Henry County. Do the people in this area not have a representative on the Henry County Board of Commissioners?

Hey Henry, to the HCPD officer whom I encountered Sunday 10/09/11 on Miller's Mill near Hwy 138, you berated me like I was a stupid child. I thought you were on a pullover and that is why I attempted to pull around you. I haven't had a ticket in 30 years nor have I been arrested. Not everyone you encounter is a criminal!

Hey Henry, if you're on a side road and would like to turn on a main road, don't assume someone turning onto your side road is going to let you go. You are going to end up seriously injuring someone because of your impatience!

Hey Henry, if you are the parent of a school bus rider, you might want to teach them what respect and manners are.


Hey Henry, thanks so much to the readers for sharing the pictures of the majestic sunset on September 21. We live in an incredible community and I truly appreciate your kindness! Thanks to the Editor, too!

Hey Henry, wanted to thank the SUMC for giving a 23 yr. old female a chance to play some pick-up soccer! Before, there was no place for me! Thanks!

Hey Henry, hyphenating your last name does not make you any more important!

Hey, Henry, let's try something a little different and all come together instead of tearing each other apart. There is a radio station trying to send a personal thank you letter to ALL MEN AND WOMEN who will be away from home on Thanksgiving. Let's show them that Henry County has a heart. It must be a handwritten letter, no political views, and can be mailed to them, or turned in at a local Taco Mac. Go to and click the link for Bert's Big Thank You.

Hey Henry, Atlanta HOT LANES! They will be coming this way sooner than later. Call Gov. Deal and let him know, we don't need Hot Lanes on I-75.

Hey Henry, a big "Thank You" to Gerri Yoder, Henry County's Director of Animal Control for all of the good work that she and her staff do. Gerri is a hard worker and really cares for all the animals. She's a "keeper" in Henry County Government.

Hey Henry, as I am reading these "Hey Henry's" it looks like all anyone is doing is complaining. Well personally I love Henry County.

Hey Henry, I would like to send out a huge “Thank You” to the Henry Co. Police Dept. They are sworn to protect and serve and they did just that last Friday when my home alarm went off. They got to my house before me, secured the inside and out, and truly made me feel safe and proud to be a citizen of Henry County. In this day and time, we put sports figures on a pedestal, but let's pay tribute to the real heroes, our police and firefighters!

Hey Henry, how about having DOT repaint the lines on Clark Rd. in extreme North Henry. It would be nice to be able to stay on the road on a rainy night.

Hey Henry, it is great to see such a wonderful outreach program for kids at the SUMC soccer organization in Stockbridge. 700+ kids every weekend in a family environment having fun! Great job to those who organize it all.

Hey Henry, almost time for burning leaves, I love that smell.

Hey Henry, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and now Herman Cain are playing the race card against Rick Perry. Never thought I would see this from Herman.

Hey Henry, you should think about all the deer that will be harvested for the homeless by the hunters who have a heart and stop crying about a little noise from the gunshots. But if you would like to go buy about a thousand dollars worth of meat and donate it yourself, go right ahead, I am sure the homeless will accept it and I am sure you will be in the car driving to Krogers right after you read this. Elmer Fudd that.


Hey Henry, teachers and adminstators this message is for you: Do you realize how little money the people under you, the secretaries, clerks, cafeteria workers, lunch staff and custodians, make? You make about 10X more than we do. You do have the degree and deserve it, but you count on us to make you look good. How about being a little nicer to us and showing us some respect .... your degree and big pay check doesn't do it alone. Without your secretaries you would fall apart!

Hey Henry, I love that my child is growing up with so many friends of many different races. I love that I am friends with the parents of these kids and we socialize together outside of work etc. I hate that so many people still are racists, because they are missing out on making many wonderful friends!

Hey Henry, you people who go to Hardee's please move out of the way when you are fixing you coffee inside the restaurant. It is simple, go to the coffee supplies, get your supplies, and move out of the way and fix your coffee somewhere else in the restaurant so people getting soft drinks can get to the straws and lids.

Hey Henry, I don't think it's right for the police to sit in the church parking lot on Griffin Street and use radar to catch speeders. Churches are private property and this is wrong.

Hey Henry, I have to say I don't like the yellow building on the Square but what I find even more offensive is the gigantic TV screen with glaring colors. It is not in keeping with the Historic District.

Hey Henry, I am so thankful that the commissioners are putting in walking trails at Nash Farms and Panola Park. This is after they just bought an airport, laid off 57 county employees, did not fill 30 open county positions, gave out 72 early retirements to county employees, handed out 4 furlough days a year to existing county employees, and cut the library budget to the bare bones. Now there will be something free for us to do with our free time.

Hey Henry, beware of the thieves at Alexander Park. A crook broke into 6 or more cars Monday night and stole purses and other valuable things. The police were called and I heard a suspect was picked up the next day with one of the purses in his hand. Thanks to the observant policeman who arrested him.

Hey Henry, to the Henry County Police officer who came to Mt. Carmel this weekend to watch their child’s soccer game and parked their police car beside a fire hydrant and left it running for an hour. Please do the taxpayers a favor and turn off your car when you will be out of it for an extended period of time. Everyone should be looking for ways to save money for ourselves, our employers and the government.

Hey Henry, everyone is commenting on the yellow building on the Square. No one has noticed that they have a different sign than all of the other merchants. No one else has ever been allowed to have a lighted sign. There are businesses that have moved to the Square and weren't allowed to use their previous signs.

Hey Henry, from someone who knows, if you have a problem with an employee at a county office or public building, please go to higher-ups and complain. We need to get rid of some of these people, and complaining to fellow employees won't get the job done. Thank you.


Hey Henry, with all the talk about the yellow building, I would think someone would point out the negative impact the unkept buildings on the Square have on city image. Clay Plaza is crumbling to the ground, the Chafin Building is coming apart, and the doll store looks dirty and in need of paint and repair.

Hey Henry, why do so many schools use disposable styrofoam trays instead of washing the plastic ones? It seems so wasteful of money and landfill space.

Hey Henry! it's Albert Roberts, (CPT Army National Guard) giving a shout out from GITMO, Cuba! I miss you all! Make it a great day! ...and God bless America!

Hey Henry, it's downright ridiculous when the taxpayers have to keep up a prisoner for 22 years and they can't decide whether or not to execute him. Have they not had long enough to decide this? I guess it's alright to murder someone because it seems like anyone can get away with it and have 3 meals a day and cable television. What a country!

Hey Henry, the more you complain the longer God lets you live!

Hey Henry, I was shocked when I took my friend to Eagle's Landing Medical on Hwy 81. We filled out the paper work, waited and he could not be seen because he had no insurance, and we were going to pay.

Hey Henry, who is responsible for taking care of the dirt road, Mt. Olive, connecting Jodeco Rd. to Jonesboro Rd. by the mall? Our van's tires have had it!

Hey Henry, so Billy Beckett is staying on for a few more months, If you had a position paying approximately $140,000 a year, you can bet your sweet bippy you would stay as long as possible. This city government is out of control people, open your eyes and your mouths, its your tax money supporting these high paying jobs! No matter how they spin it, believe me there is no justification to the salaries of many of the city employees. They have set up a legal Mafia for themselves with no regard to the public.

Hey Henry, did anyone happen to get a picture of the majestic sunset on Wednesday, Sept. 21? It was the evening that a great friend and neighbor passed away. If so, maybe you could send it to the editor.

Hey Henry, if the government legalized all illegal drugs and taxed them really high and set up stores where you could purchase them, then this country would more than likely get out of debt. They could also use the tax money from the sale of drugs to pay those on welfare. Then Social Security would not lose any money and would be there for when we all got old. After time those that are excited to finally purchase these once illegal drugs would lose the allure and eventually get off of them. It's a win win situation. There will always be addicts so the tax money will always be there, but they could also set up clinics with this money. Just a thought.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the Union Grove JV Fastpitch Softball team for going undefeated this year! Way to go ladies and great job Coaches Johnson and Steel!

Hey Henry, I personally love the yellow building with the cheerful black-and-white awning on the Square. The Square is too drab and has been for a long time. Liven it up!


Hey Henry, we drove all the way to the McDonough Square today to see the YELLOW building. Please tell me that it will not stay that way!

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the yellow building on the Square, go back to the September 7 and 14 issues of the Times to the picture of the Square in the early 1900s. There was a yellow building then. The yellow building now is historic.

Hey Henry, to the person talking about Marta bringing the criminal element in. I rode Marta for 3 years, never saw anyone with a stolen TV on their lap. It's all about thinking blacks are all crooks. I am a white man (61) that just lost his beautiful black lady (53) last year. Get over it, you redneck! It's 2011.

Hey Henry, I hate to tell you this but the criminal element has been here in Henry County for a long time already. In fact, they may be sitting near you in church on Sunday.

Hey Henry, this is a big Thank You to Locust Grove city employees. I’m a new resident after 40 years in Hampton (whose employees are phenomenal) and I’m happy to say that the Locust Grove people are just as friendly and helpful about any inquiry.

Hey Henry is for "quips," not hurtful, bullying name calling. For many weeks now I've read comments that say "go back to where you came from," and generalizing people as "rednecks" when referencing something or someone you don't like. I see nasty criticism of our Commissioners, but also see a lot of empty seats at the meetings. I don't agree with everyone and everything, but I do believe in saying my side or venting my complaints with supporting facts or at least a suggestion to make it better. (Ed. note - Well said!)

Hey Henry, thanks to McDonough citizen Beau Kelley for creating a crime watch page for the community on Facebook. My building was vandalized last week, and I am glad that someone is making an effort to bring awareness and educate our community on some of the recent crime activity. McDonough Crime Watch can be accessed on the web at

Hey Henry, to the person who burglarized our house, I want to say that God loves you and I hope that you find the forgiveness He offers to us all through His Son, Jesus.

Hey Henry, the railroad crossing on Rock Quary Rd. is beating up my car, can't even crawl over the tracks without being tossed about. If we really can't afford to fix it because of the new bridge going in, then set up a toll box. I'd be glad to contribute every time I cross. You wouldn't have to stop to drop your money in because you are already going so slow you couldn't miss it.

Hey Henry, thanks to everyone in the community who helped support the Caring for Ken Fundraiser event last Saturday in Locust Grove.

Hey Henry, the City of Locust Grove 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at City Hall was GREAT. All of you did a great job. A big Thank You to the firefighters, police, sheriff’s department and the people who showed up. I will be there next year to remember all those who have lost their lives.

Hey Henry, SPLOST is not specifically for Union Grove Middle School. Call the Henry County BOE for the facts so you can make a very informed decision.


Hey Henry, SPLOST is not specifically for Union Grove Middle School. Call the Henry County BOE for the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Hey Henry, have you seen the new YELLOW building in the Square? Did the city approve this? I thought this was the historic district.

Hey Henry, to the person ignorantly criticizing teachers for sending educational work home for completion: my advice to you is that if you are struggling with homework, perhaps you should have spent more time in the formative years educating your child on some of the basics. Teachers send home work for practice or for remediation when needed. Unfortunately, parents who haven't spent enough time with their own children early on, later expect teachers to "catch them up" and educate them to a level of those children who had the benefit of being raised by parents who were willing to sacrifice the time to work with their children on building an educational foundation.

Hey Henry, to the parent complaining about the homework, I bet the homework is the only time you might spend time with your child. If they don't have homework you would sit them in front of the TV and ignore them. How about spending time together learning something new! (and no, I am not a teacher and I have kids in the same situation)

Hey Henry, now that Billy Abbate is incarcerated, who is B.J. going to depend upon to guide her to complete the Tara Field project. Those e-mails are very revealing.

Hey Henry, why don't you send a reporter to sit in the car rider lines at some of the elementary schools (Woodland Elementary) and question some of these parents with out-of -county tags.

Hey Henry, HCBOE needs to do like Fayette County and bill the parents of those caught crossing attendance lines. Enough is enough! They ran their school system in the ground so now they want to ruin ours. The ones who are crossing attendance lines are the least involved parents and late pick ups in the afternoons and tardy for school. Why ruin our AYP?

Hey Henry, if ya can't handle the South, get the heck out of here!

Hey Henry, buy my house for my cost and I'll be happy to move.

Hey Henry, when the going gets rough... Go fishin'!

Hey Henry, at least us chewing tobacco, four wheel drive, gun shooting rednecks know that it's not deer season, darlin'. It's dove huntin' time.

Hey Henry, Stockbridge...really? Do we not have anything better to worry about than saggy pants? How about the MANY drug deals going on in the Highlands Neighborhood, off of Hwy 42? Maybe we should focus on more important things, ya think?

Hey Henry, re: "I'm all for allowing MARTA into Henry County". It would bring more of the criminal element into our community. Think about it.


Hey Henry, if you don't like hunting don't hunt. If you don't like rednecks then move back where you came from. We don't need you telling us what to do. The problem with the south is, it is so wonderful everyone else wants to come live here and make it just like where they came from.

Hey Henry, to the Elmer Fudd hater: when Bambi jumps in front of your car, or eats all your marigolds, don't complain, embrace Mother Nature!

Hey Henry, My husband doesn't chew tobacco, and he's certainly not a redneck, but he most certainly will be hunting this year. It puts meat on the table for my family, and in hard economic times, every little thing helps! So please don't hope he misses! A country boy can survive.

Hey Henry, the City of Locust Grove needs to place some pedestrian crosswalks in the downtown area! It’s pretty dangerous walking across 42 at 4 pm!

Hey Henry, re: the complaint against the Superintendent ....obviously you don't know him well. He visits schools and has lunch with the kids, even takes his wife with him weekly. He is also rarely behind his desk as he is in the community, attending meetings, and running leadership training. Check your facts.

Hey Henry, all you have to do is sit in the car rider lines at schools and you can see all the DeKalb and Clayton car tags. They can't all be baby sitters or grandparents.

Hey Henry, I'm for allowing MARTA to come into Henry County. It will get some folks off the road who have used it before. They know how it works. The rest of us can drive.

Hey Henry, do we really need a Tractor Supply Store on Hwy 81? What about a grocery store down past Key's Ferry area?

Hey Henry, what is up with the Henry County school bus drivers? They drive slower than the posted speed limit on major roads, but speed through neighborhoods full of children.

Hey Henry, a great big thanks to Henry County Transportation (Road Maintenance) for the completion of Lawrenceville Street (in McDonough). It's a pleasure to drive on it now. Good job!

Hey Henry, to those of you that tailgate and try to intimidate others who are doing the legal speed limit around the roads in our county please stop and remember that some of those drivers are teens learning to drive. Back Off! If you're in such a hurry leave earlier the next time.

Hey Henry, I would let you walk a mile in my shoes, but I am wearing flip flops, and your toes are ugly!

Hey Henry, it would be nice if teachers would start teaching the kids while they are actually in school, and not sending home material the kids have not learned for the parents to try and teach them. It make homework miserable for everyone, and not to mention the kids grades. That is what the teachers are paid to do, and yet they seem to let it fall on the parents. I work 9 hours a day, and hate having to rack my brain on homework I don’t know. I am going to start sending the teachers my work to complete if I have to do their job.


Hey Henry, well it's that time of the year again when all the chewing tobacco, four wheel drive, gun shooting rednecks go looking for Bambi because all I heard this Sunday was a bunch of rednecks target practicing with their shot guns. I hope you Elmer Fudd's miss every deer you go hunting for.

Hey Henry, I don't have a horse in this race, but I want to comment on last week's post about Nash Farm not being a battlefield. I expect that the 400 plus who lost their lives there thought it was a battlefield.

Hey Henry, to the person who posted that crime does not follow rail transit lines such as MARTA. You might want to tell the north lines around Lenox Mall. They had three homicides near the stations within the first three months of opening; not to mention there has been a 247% increase in theft cases and a 102% rise in assault cases. If you love the public transit so much, move to north Clayton County.

Hey Henry, this is a comment for the individual who claims that Henry County removes students who aren't in a school’s district. How come half of my neighbors go south to carry their kids to school, and I pass them every morning when I have to go north to carry mine to school. Oh well maybe they have a parent who is a teacher, or maybe a bus driver. Maybe it is time for some redistricting.

Hey Henry, to the school bus driver stating no raises - I police for a local city and have not gotten a raise in 5 years. Everyone is doing with less. With higher pensions, insurance and the cost of living I cannot afford to pay more taxes for a raise every year. Sacrifices have to be made!

Hey Henry, why are there over 2,000 students in Luella High School with empty classrooms in Locust Grove. Some classes at Luella have 35 to 40 students. I know, I have a child in one of those classes. School Board do your job. Move some students around to help the teachers and students. Board members make too much money to be sitting on their hands. Help stamp out Government Education.

Hey Henry, big thanks to Stockbridge United Methodist Church for the great soccer program they offer the community. From 36 kids to over 700 kids, what a wonderful outreach program.

Hey Henry, this is for Mr. Superintendent. We would love to see you visiting the schools in our community, instead of staying hidden away behind a desk at the county office.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to say "Go Luella Lions" 7th grade football.

Hey Henry, it's amazing that people can jump up and down, yell, and scream like a bunch of Indians when it comes to a man running down a football field in a leotard carrying a piece of raw hide, but when it comes to raising your hands in church and shouting, everyone looks at you like you’re crazy.

Hey Henry, I read a great suggestion last night. Politicians and elected officials should have to wear jumpsuits, like NASCAR drivers, with patches naming their "sponsors."

Hey Henry, "SPLOST" the sound fresh cow manure makes when it hits the ground.


Hey Henry, if Standard and Poor's can get investigated why can't the Henry County Commissioners?

Hey Henry, to the person donating books to the Locust Grove Library - my heartfelt thanks to you. To the man going through the boxes of books before the library is open - shame on you!

Hey Henry, how much longer do the citizens of Henry County have to put up with Commissioner Mathis and all these underhanded shenanigans going on in this county. I think it is time that she be investigated for this whole airport business. She has danced with the devil and has ruined this county.

Hey Henry, why do we keep calling Nash Farm a battlefield, when it has been proven it was not?

Hey Henry, for the person who said the SPLOST will only go to Union Grove Middle School, have you ever thought that the money could go to many more schools in the county? For example, have you ever been to Luella High where they have 35 trailers and overcrowded classrooms? Why don't you think about other people who have to deal with that everyday instead of only thinking about yourself? And by the way, the county constantly removes students who are not in district. (Just trying to correct your misinformation.)

Hey Henry, have the folks who re-timed the traffic lights on Hwy 138 ever actually driven on 138?

Hey Henry, I'll be glad to take over your job and take the load of crap you say you have to take daily. Sounds to me like you are not very well suited for dealing with the public. You said it, you get what you give!

Hey Henry, I'm all for commuter rail to Henry County. The solution to traffic problems is fewer cars on the highways, not more highways. If I took the current bus to Atlanta, my commute time would be doubled. Saying that crime will follow is just a scare tactic.

Hey Henry, I hear that the McDonough Community Development Director resigned. Maybe she wanted to work closer to home. Perhaps they should hire someone who is more invested in their own community. Maybe pigs will fly.

Hey Henry, thanks to Jim Houston and Bugles Across America and Bethany Baptist Church choir and orchestra for organizing and performing at the "Keep the Spirit of 45 Alive" rally this past week. All the speakers were great, but especially GM1 Clifford Dunnaway. His accounts of the battles he was involved in were awesome.

Hey Henry, when is the county going to start using King's Mill Road. Did you put the red light for that road at Lake Dow?

Hey Henry, to the person looking for workers. Where are you? I have a brother that has been looking and everyone is saying they are not hiring? Ed. Note: We haven’t heard from him/her.

Hey Henry, I’m also extremely tired of the schools pushing so much homework on children whose parents spend 2-3 hours per evening helping them do it. It makes me wonder what is being done in the schoolroom? I am from Missouri and they at least give grade appropriate homework. I am all for education, but why are we sending our children to government run schools when most of the teaching and money for the supplies and education are being supplied by the parents. Home schooling is looking much better.


Hey Henry, don't were once a "twenty something."

Hey Henry, if the county is so strapped for money why do we send four fire department personnel to pick up two fire engines in Louisiana with hotels, airfare, etc. and pay to fly two of them back?

Hey Henry, the School Board has done it again. No raises for bus drivers or monitors. Monitors aren't even considered real employees.

Hey Henry, it's nice to see the Chamber and the City of McDonough pushing for Hampton to get the Rapid Rail. Those who live in Hampton support it coming through McDonough.

Hey Henry, who but the developers want this rail system? It didn't work in Fla. Why do the commissioners think it will work here? It will just bring more crime into area.

Hey Henry, to the person needing workers....I am out spending all my money on gas looking for you. Post your job in the classifieds and I and a 100 others will contact you. Ed. Note: To the individual who, in last week's column, said he couldn't find any workers, the Times has received numerous responses from people who are looking for jobs. Contact the Times at 770-957-6314 or and we will give you their names & numbers.

Hey Henry, I would rather see a guy in a Speedo or a girl in a bikini than nasty underwear that hasn't seen the inside of a washing machine in weeks.

Hey Henry, why is it that for every white person that leaves Woodland Middle School they are replaced with two black personnel? Do they not want any white people working there or do they just not apply?

Hey Henry, I just wanted to thank Henry Medical Center. I went in the E.R. on 7-27-11 with a broken ankle and was out in less than an hour. Yes, I said less than an hour! Great job guys!

Hey Henry, and if I see your dog left alone in the car again, I will call the police on you again.

Hey Henry, all that was needed at Racetrack and Hwy. 81 was a left turn lane for westbound traffic to turn onto Racetrack. What they're doing there is major overkill.

Hey Henry, let’s limit one computer per person at the Senior Center. Once you get up and walk out the room that means that computer is available not for you to walk back in and say “I was on that computer.”

Hey Henry, first, I would like to say there are many citizens County employees deal with each day who are super nice. We appreciate you so very much. Now to the flip side of that; yes, the good, the bad and the rude do pay our salary. Being a Henry County resident myself, technically I help pay my salary. I don’t know why I haven’t given myself a raise in 3 years. Things that make you go... hmmmmmm.

Hey Henry, why would we want to support SPLOST? SPLOST is specifically for Union Grove Middle School, so how is it helping those of us who do not go there or have children that go there? It's not. Also, why would we pay tax dollars to build more classrooms, etc. in a school that is overcrowded and the only reason it is overcrowded is because of children that are crossing the lines to go there? You should have to go to the school you are zoned for!


Hey Henry, where are all you people who say you want to work, I can't find you.

Hey Henry, I find it amazing that the public can be snippy and nasty and rude to city and county employees with alarming regularity but when one of us snaps back, we have to hear "I pay your salary" and that we were rude. You don't pay us nearly enough to put up with a lot of the crap we take from the public on a daily basis. To get respect, you give respect.

Hey Henry, hurray for Hampton. Hope the other towns/cities will follow with the citations for sagging pants on the ground and rear-ins showing. So sick of it. Jonesboro is another place that should do the same. The extra money could help the county. Thanks Hampton for showing some common sense.

Hey Henry, as if Henry County wasn't already the laughingstock of the metro area, now Hampton has to add an ordinance against saggy pants. I don't like seeing underwear any more than anyone else, but guess what? It's absolutely legal to walk down Main Street in a bikini....or if you're a guy, a speedo! You can't legislate common sense.

Hey Henry, the Henry Varner Band did a great job performing at the concert at Stockbridge City Hall Lawn. It's nice to see some diversity in the entertainment line-up. That band was top notch!

Hey Henry, who voted in these politicians who make these ridiculous rules and unsensible budgets? Oh, we did!

Hey Henry, giving to charities is a wonderful thing. But I don't like being asked by grocery stores and retail stores when I'm checking out. It puts people on the spot. We all know these stores then turn around, make the donation in their name, and then get a huge tax break off of our dimes.

Hey Henry, why are illegal aliens allowed to stay in this country if they aren't legally allowed to be here? Why do employers hiring these people feel justified in breaking the law because they claim they can't find any American workers? If you can't find Americans to work for you maybe you should pay better. Send these people home. They come here and tap into our Social Security, and welfare systems, and most of them have been here for years and can't speak English.

Hey Henry, tonight I’m going to my HOA meeting. I expect that it'll waste 2 hours of my evening but I need to know how the "Advisory" Board is going to mess up my neighborhood even more. Sort of like a root canal without anesthetic.

Hey Henry, dogs are such incredible creatures. Please remember to provide them with plenty of cool water and shade during these hot months. They also need love and attention. Don't neglect them. They'll give you much love in return.

Hey Henry, I would love to support local small businesses if they were open when it’s convenient. How about staying open past five o'clock and opening on Sundays?

Hey Henry, can someone explain why it is only white males who can be made fun of, made to look like idiots, or shown as burglars on television commercials?

Hey Henry, 1% of the people make things happen; 9% watch things happen; and 90% ask, "What happened?"


Hey Henry, my Mama told me to try to say good things about people (so here goes). I’m convinced politicians always try to do what’s best----for themselves. Sorry Mama, I tried!

Hey Henry, way to go Hampton for the Saggy Pants law. I think everyone should follow you. I wish someone would take a picture of these kids from behind so they could see what they look like because they have to walk with their legs apart so their pants won’t fall off which looks like my 2 year old when he has done an oops in his diaper.

Hey Henry, government entities don't pay property taxes, so Henry County did not lose any tax revenue by purchasing Tara Field. Instead, Henry County now has the opportunity to grow the aviation industry around the airport, which will in turn increase the property taxes on those properties while also creating high paying aviation jobs in our community. It is a win-win for Henry County, and kudos to the commissioners for having the vision to purchase it. I also appreciate that they have worked out the financing to spread out the $2.7 million over three years.

Hey Henry, congratulations! We now have poorer fire and police protection because the BOC cut the vacancies in the departments rather than filling them, saving money in the process, and spent that money to buy an airport that hasn't seen a profit since the day it opened more than 20 years ago! Why worry about the federal government shutting down? The county government is going to bankrupt us!

Hey Henry, have you ever noticed that the people who scream the loudest for higher income taxes on the wealthy are those who pay no income taxes at all?

Hey Henry, commenting on the individual who said it seemed everyone was still eating out and "shopping like nothing ever happened", when you figure out the secret could you tell me? I'm a small business owner here in McDonough and I don't see anybody shopping like that! What I do see are businesses closing up and empty storefronts everywhere. Come on friends, support your local small business!

Hey Henry, why is the county sinking millions in the far side of the county? Tara Field, Nash Farm, and a non-centrally located soccer complex.

Hey Henry, Hampton ROCKS! Hampton will cite saggy pants. Yippee! I'm so sick of seeing butt cracks and he's not even fixing my sink!

Hey Henry, I found out why there's more political answers than straight and direct ones. OH! What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

Hey Henry, you know, 25 years ago we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope, now we have Obama, no cash and no hope, go figure?

Hey Henry, The purchase price of that airport is just the start. What about staff, maintenance, upgrades galore? Just like Nash Farms had many little projects costing an untold amount of money.

Hey Henry, Why is the county making the Fire Department furlough employees only to pay overtime to fill the same positions because there is not enough staffing to run the department?


Hey Henry, I agree with the person tired of people crying about the library and flip-flops; but saving a Civil War battlefield and building a shooting range, which we need badly in the County, are not a waste of money.

Hey Henry, I know plenty of 20-somethings who are dependable and have an incredible work ethic. Don't judge all by a few bad eggs.

Hey Henry, to the person who said the Locust Grove City Hall employees were rude to the public, I agree with you. Maybe it’s because they haven’t had a raise in 2 years but that’s not a reason to be rude to the public. If you don’t like your job, quit. There’s lots of folks out there who will work for half of what you make. People are hurting.

Hey Henry, the Back to School Event at Stockbridge City Hall on 07/22/11 was a catastrophe. People pushing and shoving and taking more supplies than needed was absolutely the worst thing I have seen. It is time for people to treat each other with respect and not to be selfish. Remember - our children learn what they live.

Hey Henry, I would like to commend Hampton for their saggy pants ordinance. Now all the other cities need to follow suit.

Hey Henry, how can you think that the elected officials in Stockbridge can run our city when they can't and don’t know what they are doing? Wonder how much money they have spent on legal fees trying to figure it out? The residents and the employees are the ones coming up on the short end.

Hey Henry, I like our balanced school calendar, but PLEASE teachers, don't give assignments to be done over the fall break week. That defeats the purpose of the break.

Hey Henry, if Clayton County was making money off Tara Field, why would they sell it to Henry County? Seems to me, Henry County was collecting property taxes from Clayton County. Now we own it, pay taxes to ourselves, DUH. What's wrong with this picture?

Hey Henry, weeks ago, we were told Henry County was in such dire financial straits that the B.O.C. had to lay off 59 employees. If the average total cost to the county in salary, benefits, SS, etc of those employees is, say, $45,000; and we multiply that by 59; we have a total of $2,655,000. Yet, just weeks later, the B.O.C. “finds” $2.7 to buy an airport! Is anyone really dumb or naive enough to believe those numbers are not connected? Anyone? (crickets chirping).

Hey Henry, as we all know, the economy is in poor shape. The question is, it seems like it hasn't affected many people because they still go as much as they did when the cost of gas was low. They still eat out continuously, and shop like nothing has ever happened. Yes, I work full time and so does my wife. Could someone tell me what the secret is?

Hey Henry, to the person who lost their Sam's Gift card and was angry Sam's wouldn't replace it because it had already been used. If you dropped a $100 dollar bill, who are you going to blame? The U.S. Treasury Department? It really stinks that you were dealt that card (no pun intended) but America needs to quit blaming other people/companies for their own mistakes!

Hey Henry, Let's go to the fair tax. I would pay another one cent sales tax to keep the county running without layoffs. Everybody would pay by adding a one cent sales tax.


Hey Henry, whatever happened to giving straight and direct answers? It seems like every question gets a political answer that never answers the question. Maybe these people need real jobs so they stop wasting the time of those of us who do have real jobs! Ed note: Amen!

Hey Henry, kids remember that the month of July is the time to return completed reader's club folders to whichever Henry County library branch you use.

Hey Henry, if the county wants to balance the budget, check the employee’s computers and fire all of the deadbeats that spend all day on facebook, or playing games on facebook. We working employees are already doing their jobs anyways.

Hey Henry, I would like to commend the Board of Commis-sioners for their great acting skills. The tears when announcing the layoffs were very touching. But, how many of those jobs could have been saved if the purchase of an UNNEEDED air field had been taken out of the budget? How many more layoffs will we have next year or the year after that because they had to have this airport? When is the senseless buying of unneeded land going to stop?

Hey Henry, I agree with the person who noticed so many "twenty somethings" always being sick and unable to work. I know exactly what you mean! At my place of work, I have never seen as many young people with so many health problems. Do you think they're really sick, or just don't want to work.

Hey Henry, I see that the county has paid $17 million to purchase Tara Field - that in addition to the golf club land and the battlefield land. Just one of these millions spent on useless property could support the five county libraries at the level needed to get back all their former hours of operation and all staff. Where are our priorities?

Hey Henry, how many county employees could have kept their jobs had the powers that be not purchased Tara Field?

Hey Henry, a great big thanks for quick response from Henry County road crew for cleaning the brush on South Bay Dr. at Jodeco Rd. Now we can see the stop sign!

Hey Henry, to the person who wants the farmers to hire teens to work on their farms. The teens are too lazy to work hard these days, in fact the majority of adults are too lazy to work on a farm. They would rather sit back and complain about being out of work and want us to give them a hand out.

Hey Henry, taxpayers may want to look into the spending of all board members on all boards for the County. It is all public info that can be requested through the Open Records Act. Frivolous spending for attendance at unnecessary conventions out of town and beachfront accommodations. Receipts turned in for reimbursement for shocking items. Taxpayer money is footing the bill. Who is approving these trips? Who is approving reimbursements? People take an interest in your COUNTY! It is your MONEY!

Hey Henry, the reason that my motorcycle is so loud is so that you will hear me coming! You obviously are not paying attention while you drive because you are talking on your cell phone, texting or fumbling around looking for your Lady Gaga CD. You can't see me if you are not paying attention so at the very least maybe you will hear me!


Hey Henry, Alien T&T, formally known as American Telephone and Telegraph, is charging me for a Caller ID feature. I still get calls from unidentified callers. Why isn’t big brother protecting us?

Hey Henry, everyone who volunteered to clean up Nash Farms - how about volunteering to clean up and maintain our children's schools. Our present day children and county need more support than an old battlefield.

Hey Henry, I agree with the person about a noise ordinance. These people with loud motorcycles sounding like a sick B-52 bomber, thinking that it sounds good, duh. Sounds like crap!

Hey Henry, is it just me, or does every "twenty something" around here have major medical problems so often that they can't seem to work a 40 hour week. I wonder what they're going to be like when they're 50! At least I'll be retired somewhere else by then, thank goodness.

Hey Henry, apparently the honor of being a public servant has worn off the people at the Locust Grove city hall. The employees there are very rude to the taxpayers in the city. Shame on you.

Hey Henry, after talking with the officer over the HCPD H.E.A.T. officers, I have found that they are funded by and mandated by the state to only deal with seat belt, DUI, and traffic violations. This is a waste of state funds when these officers could be used to patrol neighborhoods and prevent burgularies and A/C thefts. All officers should be able to handle seat belt, DUIs, and patrol neighborhoods as well. Everyone please email Governor Deal as well as your state legislator and ask they either redirect the H.E.A.T. effort or cut funding so these officers are put to better uses.

Hey Henry, wouldn't it be nice for Henry County to have an Aquatic Center with a public pool like Clayton County has? Sure would be nice with this hot weather we've been having lately.

Hey Henry, it’s interesting to me that our County Government wants to limit a citizen’s access to our court system by imposing unreasonable and outrageous costs for access to official records. Curious that the costs of going to court has more than doubled the past year. It’s very interesting that requesting a redress of made up, ambiguous, indistinct County rules will now cost more than the request for relief is worth. Was it because so many of the County’s citizens won their appeals that reasonable redress of grievances is now cost prohibitive? Where are our County Commissioners on this?

Hey Henry, Florida is the first state that is going to require drug testing for welfare! Some people are crying this is unconstitutional. How is this unconstitutional but it's completely legal that every other working person had to pass a drug test in order to support those on welfare?

Hey Henry, We lost it, our problem? We returned defective merchandise to Sam's Club. Despite having the receipt, they refused to replace or fix the merchandise, they refused to give us a refund insisting that all they could do was give us a gift card. They sold us defective merchandise, refused to make it right or give us a refund, and refused to replace the gift card when we reported it lost because someone else used it. Every way, they win. Every way, we lose. That's still poor customer service no matter how you cut it.


Hey Henry, so there’s a shortage of immigrant workers in Georgia-why can't the local farmers hire our young teens that would love to work for $8 an hour? Maybe the teens could sign up through the schools, then the farmers could hire these youngsters that want to make money. My son would love to make more than he makes at a fast food restaurant, who hires so many kids that they don't even get 10 hours a week.

Hey Henry, we can mind our own business just fine. We need no help from the "neighbors."

Hey Henry, how is it the Henry County Board of Commissioners are financially able to purchase Tara Field, in Clayton County, but unable to save over 50 jobs in Henry County, not to mention again allowing furlough days to occur?

Hey Henry, to the person who lost the Sam's Club gift card. First, you lost the card, someone found it and spent the money. That is not Sam's Club’s fault so why would you expect them to give you your $500 back? You lost the card, it is your problem.

Hey Henry, this is to "I have 1 1/2 acres ... " Your neighbor may have agricultural use, or frozen taxes under agreement not to develop it. Ask him.

Hey Henry, the next time you find yourself picking through the desiccated remains of what was once the thriving, growing Henry County Library System, keep in mind that the county cut their 2011 budget by almost $700,000, and the 2012 budget will be cut an additional $268,000. That's almost a million dollars, resulting in shorter hours and less staff to serve you. Something to think about when local elections take place in 2012!

Hey Henry, here’s another good one from Thomas Jefferson"I predict future happiness for Americans if thay can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

Hey Henry, I don't think the panhandler complaint was against the firefighters, but against the kids and parents for letting them stand on the street corner and road sides; they should offer a service instead of asking for a hand out.

Hey Henry, the lady with no patience at the parking lot at Great Escapes. You know sometimes you have to back up a couple of times to get out of your parking spot, especially when you are a new driver. Give the 15-year-olds a break. So, blow your horn and take pictures all you want! I hope I smiled HUGE for your picture and right back at you with your ugly words.

Hey Henry does anyone really want to pay more taxes? I think if the local, state and federal governments would put their heads together, they could finance a transportation plan with the taxes we already pay. Instead they waste so much of our hard earned dollars. JUST SAY NO NEW TAXES!

Hey Henry, did you know that there used to be a street in Stockbridge named Chuck Norris, but it had to be changed because nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives.

Hey Henry, it's good manners to say excuse me when someone is standing in your way, for instance, but you need to allow the person a chance to get out of your way. Just saying excuse me does not give you license to run someone over and just because you say excuse me doesn't mean the person who you are saying excuse me to is even obligated to get out of your way.


Hey Henry, my heart just aches for all the lonely pets who are left out in the yards all alone. Yes, children are out of school, but they’d rather be inside playing games, watching TV, staying cool, etc. The sad little dog roves up and down the fence just waiting for a word or a pat from anyone. He is just so starved for love and attention. Why do they have a dog?

Hey Henry, I have 1 1/2 acres in Henry County and my neighbor beside me has 50 acres. His taxes are the same as mine Seems like no one in this county can tell me why.

Hey Henry, thank you Judge Studdard for correcting me on the traffic laws about impeding traffic, but drivers, if you’re driving along and there’s no one in front of you and you look in your mirror and see a convoy behind you, pull over and let them pass Everyone will thank you!

Hey Henry, to the person that doesn't like the panhandlers in Henry County. MOVE! My son is a Henry County Firefighter and is proud to be taking up money that will help someone! Thank you so much for caring about others.

Hey Henry, there are lots of of four way stops in McDonough, especially in the Lake Dow neighborhood. Please be considerate of others and drive safely. I'm tired of sitting at four way stops and being afraid of getting hit by someone who thinks a rolling stop is a complete stop or someone who thinks if they are turning right that they do not have to stop. Take turns! Its first-come, first-serve! And remember that that neighborhood is full of children playing in the yards and walkers and joggers on the roads!

Hey Henry, there are plenty of empty apartments and unfinished subdivisions in Henry County. So what's the point in changing the zoning for the property at Highway 20 & Westridge Parkway? Overbuilding is one of the reasons we’re in this mess in the first place.

Hey Henry! Let’s don’t forget our support for this wonderful little paper. Hard times are had by The Times too! No, I’m not a paid employee of The Times, I just don’t want to see this jewel disappear on us. Where could you vent if it did? Spread the word and send in those ads!

Hey Henry, what's so hard to understand about golf carts not being allowed on the street?

Hey Henry, harassing others is not a contribution to the community.

Hey Henry, in response to the person who was refunded by Wal-Mart for their stolen pre-paid card. We lost a $500+ Sam's Club gift card in McDonough. When we realized that the card was missing and reported it, we were told that it was spent in Macon and that there was nothing they could do. That's terrible customer service.

Hey Henry, A big thank-you to John Jackson and his band of merry (persons) for donating the parking-lot striping at the McDonough Library. It looks great!

Hey Henry, get a life, everyone keeps crying over libraries and flip flops, what about the waste of money for a battlefield, golf course and shooting range. This is money that could have saved some jobs and kept people from Henry P.D. from quitting daily to pursue jobs elsewhere.


Hey Henry, we did a tour at the fire station for my grandson's 2nd birthday. Many thanks to AJ and Mr. Pete and all the guys at firestation #10. You’re the best.

Hey Henry, when economic times are tight, budgeters must set priorities. Sometimes we need hospitals, streets, and public safety more than libraries.

Hey Henry, what nice press the commissioners put out about it being so much easier to check out library books by McDonough being open on Sunday afternoons. They didn't mention that they are closing all the libraries on Fridays now and eliminating all paid holidays. This is equal to 48 furlough days for the remaining staff. Is any other county office losing this much pay? Certainly not the commissioners office!

Hey Henry, are there any others out there disturbed by the panhandlers on our road ways? It started with the Firefighters raising money for Jerry's Kids, then it was the sports teams selling donuts for their team, now we are dodging both kids and adults with buckets asking for money for who knows what? And by the way, if you do want to donate, please don't do it when the light turns green and I am behind you.

Hey Henry, as a retired RN who has had experience at both Piedmont and Emory.......I'd go with Piedmont every time! Emory spends a lot of time and energy ‘blowing their own horn’ while Piedmont goes quietly about its business with docs, nurses and all ancillary personnel giving great patient care. For one, I am delighted with the decision that was made.

Hey Henry, this is Judge Studdard at State Court, and I have to correct what someone wrote in the June 15 Hey Henry column: the Georgia Court of Appeals recently ruled that a person can’t be convicted of impeding the flow of traffic for driving the speed limit in the fast lane of the interstate. Sorry, speeders. Y’all drive carefully, now.

Hey Henry, there’s nothing like putting $600 on a pre-paid money card at Wal-Mart for a trip to New Orleans only to arrive the next day at the hotel to find out that someone in Pakistan and Czech Republic has spent all but 9 cents while the card was still in my purse. Today, I received a refund check for the full amount from Wal-Mart. Now, that's great customer service.

Hey Henry, how many county jobs (supporting the local economy) could have been saved if the county had not purchased Nash Farms and the Cotton Fields Golf course? What will the airport they want to buy mean in lost jobs?

Hey Henry, when is the city or county going to fix those two giant holes in the ground where the curve of the new section of Lake Dow Road is. Someone is going to drive into those and cause a serious accident if something isn't done about it.

Hey Henry, I love the feature "As It Was" but I'd love it better if ya'll would put one from the past 20 or 30 years in every now and then instead of always putting in ones from "the olden days" so I might be able to recognize it!

Hey Henry, I work at a grocery store and I am a friendly person. Why is it that when I say hello to people and I know they hear me, they just go about their shopping and ignore me? Does it take that much effort just to say hi? You may have had a bad day or there's something on your mind but it's just good manners to say hello back when someone says hello to you.


Hey Henry, happy birthday to my wife, the frugal fashionista! You dress so well, no one would guess that you get most of your clothes from thrift shops. You save us lots of money, have fun and look great. I call your style "Millionairess Casual". Thank you!

Hey Henry, Normon Vincent Peale said it well -"There was a time when the American people roared like lions for liberty. Now they bleat like sheep for security."

Hey Henry, the Board of Commissioners just passed a budget that effectively gutted our public libraries. Nothing will change for Henry County libraries until the voters do what they did in Cobb Co. Get out your signs and protest.

Hey Henry, to the person who said that if they were running the speed limit in the left lane they wouldn’t move over to the right lane for another car to pass, you would be breaking the law by “impeding the flow of traffic.” If another car overtakes you in the left lane, regardless of speed, you need to move right to allow them to pass.

Hey Henry, there is nothing wrong with the economy in Henry County. Just go to Tanger Mall on Saturday and Sunday and see how many people are shopping, driving suv's and brand new cars. To top it off, all the restaurants in Henry County are full as well.

Hey Henry, I still get sick every time I drive by the multi-colored water fountain on North Henry at the new government complex. How many library days would that waste of money have paid for. Is it too late for a refund?

Hey Henry, is spreading rumors about a nonexistent crime wave a distant cousin to yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre? Chicken Little, you're hurting my property resale value!

Hey Henry, in response to "how to pick a good watermelon"... Get one with a green top and a deep yellow color on the bottom. Or just go to Aldi. If it's bad they replace the bad one.

Hey Henry, when are McDonough’s ‘finest’ going to start patrolling McGarity Rd. and stop some of this tailgating and speeding. Drivers pass you on the double yellow line in the curve-- speed limit is 45mph.

Hey Henry, after hearing of the reported layoffs at Piedmont this past week, I wonder if Henry Medical Center is saying a big UH-OH for choosing to partner with them instead of Emory? Looks like Piedmont might not be in the position for partnering with another facility right now.

Hey Henry, it is illegal for the County to pass an unbalanced budget. The Board of Commissioners has to look at the "bottom line" and I'll work tirelessly to defeat the first Commissioner who suggests raising taxes!

Hey Henry, I work in one of the public offices in the county. If you need assistance why can't you say “Excuse me” or “Could you help me” instead of tapping on the counter. Also, if I am helping you and you start tapping on the counter I will get slower and slower until you stop. That is so rude and annoying.

Hey Henry, I am disappointed Stockbridge moved the music in the park to the city hall lawn. Memorial park has much better ambience, grills, pavilions and a playground. Please move it back!


Hey Henry, let's talk about something important. How do you pick out a good watermelon?

Hey Henry, I heard of a new Olympic event. It's called Politicians (NOT) Answering Questions.

Hey Henry, can't the Henry County Board of Education do away with the pine straw and put that money towards the classrooms! This is ridiculous when people are getting furloughed! The schools will operate fine without pine straw. Wake up Henry County Board of Education, children are more important.

Hey Henry, shame on you, Locust Grove, for not putting congratulations on the sign in front of the municipal building congratulating the seniors of Locust Grove. “Farmers needed” has been up on the sign too long!

Hey Henry, who in the Fire Department Admin. dropped the ball on recognizing our EMS workers during EMS Appreciation Week? Hey, the public appreciates you even if your Admin. doesn't. Thank you for all you do!

Hey Henry, I would like to know what is the timetable for completing the highway construction on Fairview Road near Hearn Road? Will it be completed by Christmas 2011 or New Year's 2012?

Hey Henry, I recently watched the county budget hearing on the local cable station. I want to applaud Commissioner Holder on his passionate comments and his vote against the budget. It is very clear that Commissioner Holder’s comments came from his heart and that he, unlike the other Commissioners, sees a whole lot more than the bottom line. He sees the impact that the decisions make on employees and families. I have the utmost respect for him as a neighbor, fellow citizen and elected official. His passion and historical knowledge are a tremendous value and asset to the county and its citizens.

Hey Henry, to that Henry County employee who says they are just out for themselves.....why not sign your name to your comment if you're so proud of looking out for just you? Sure hope you aren't one of the 57 people who get laid off or the 9 who have a reduction in pay.

Hey Henry, how about offering the local farmer's market during hours the majority of us are NOT working? Whose idea is 2-6 on a Thursday afternoon. And there's Hampton, whose 2-6 on Friday doesn't help, either. At least stay open til 7! And what happened to Saturdays? Looks like I will just have to spend my money out of the county again this summer!

Hey Henry, I’m a Henry County umpire and I want to respond to the HH from last week. Each park, age group, and division has their own rules and the umpires follow those rules. The umpire associations have nothing to do with making up the rules. The sport is still fun 90% of the time depending on the coaches and parents.

Hey Henry, so if the person wants a bicyclist to pay taxes for using the road, what about extra taxes on running shoes or kids toys that are ridden on subdivision roads? I am confident the bicyclists already pay taxes on their cars!

Hey Henry, please don't forget about your outdoor pets during this heat wave. Make sure they have a good water supply and somewhere to seek shade. Shame on those of you who have your poor dogs chained up outside with nowhere to go!


Hey Henry, the bus drivers for HCS are not the only employees who have not had a raise in three years. None of the HCS employees have, so please quit whining. You are off the same number of days as the students, drive in the mornings and afternoon only, so don't ask for prayers for more money, just be thankful you have a job unlike many people. Bus drivers are valuable employees but no more so than anyone else at the BOE.

Hey Henry, this is for the Henry County employee who would be willing to take more furlough days. You haven't talked to me. I am a Henry County employee and I don't like the 4 we got this year. Step up to the plate! Go to HR and say you want a 20% pay cut. To hell with you, it's about self preservation. I have bills to pay and family to take care of. I don't know who you are and don't really care. The only job I am worried about is mine!

Hey Henry, so Warren Holder, a county commissioner, thinks all county employees should take 12 furlough days to help the people who are going to lose their jobs. Well he is a self-made millonaire, more power to him, but I haven't heard him say he would give up his commissioner pay. He doesn't need it. It’s not much money, but it's a start. In fact, none of the commissioners need their pay, they have jobs. Do the job for the county, for the citizens.

Hey Henry, way to go Mrs. Mullis for providing the Locust Grove community with a wonderful inaugural graduation. The GYM was beautifully decorated and the only issues were with a few spectators who obviously do not understand graduation etiquette.

Hey Henry, it is not necessary to shoot off fire works at midnight on a random weeknight. Some of your neighbors are trying to sleep and don't appreciate the noise!

Hey Henry, I just wanted to say to those who are worried about people in flip flops, men wear sleeveless shirts with their armpits showing, and people smoking cigarettes. If you’re worried about that then evidently everything is going pretty well for you because you ain’t got much serious to worry about.

Hey Henry, am I the only one feeling cheated by Stockbridge cutting trash removal down to 1 day a week? Shouldn't we pay less if we are getting less service?

Hey Henry, Kelleytown Park is slated to get the county's first bike trails in the next few months. Volunteers already began marking the trails during Hands on Henry Day. Thanks to all the volunteers!

Hey Henry, when at a stop light, I don't WANT to hear internal organ rattling, thumping base music coming from your car. If I want music, I'll turn on my OWN radio.

Hey Henry, saw a young mother today holding a baby, about 6 months old. They were both badly sunburned. If you aren't smart enough to use a good sunscreen or keep your baby out of the sun, maybe you shouldn't have the child. Why should the baby suffer for your mistake?

Hey Henry, to the person who wrote about Henry County parks having different playing rules. The rules are the same but the parks are run by different associations for sports, and they all use different umpire groups. The only way to fix it is have the same umpire group calling all parks. You are right, the fun is gone.


Hey Henry, I was not surprised to learn, but I had not previously heard that my dentist, Dr. Billy Dellinger, was voted the "2010 TOP DENTIST IN ATLANTA for outstanding recognition from your peers in Atlanta magazine"! He's way too modest to ever tell anybody or toot his own horn, so that is why I just found out 5 months late. Thought you should know - he's a great dentist and his office staff is great too!

Hey Henry, I know people say "Happy Memorial Day" without thinking about it, but it's really not an appropriate sentiment for a holiday meant to honor our war dead. I have no problem with people enjoying their 3-day weekend with cookouts, parties and the like, but please stop and think before you use this misguided phrase.

Hey Henry, sitting at a red light at I-75 & Hwy 20/81 and I look over to see a woman smoking inside her van with children inside. Selfish idiot!

Hey Henry, way to go Commissioner Warren Holder for your comments about the budget at the May 17, 2011 BOC meeting! As an employee of Henry County, I would be willing to double or even triple the number of furlough days, if it means that no one will be laid off. Everyone I've talked to feels the same way!

Hey Henry, you see road signs saying “Share the road with bicycle riders.” I want to know why they don’t have to pay license fees, ad valorum taxes, and tag fees. I ride a motorcycle and I have to pay them. Shouldn’t they share the taxes?

Hey Henry, why am I paying construction workers to stand around? I'm sick of driving by "construction" sites and seeing workers laying down, standing around, and talking. I'm over it. They are paid to work. They should work.

Hey Henry, why doesn't anyone use their turn signals anymore? Is that just a luxury item they put on vehicles? Hmmm. I even see Henry County Police do the same. What is up?

Hey Henry, residents of Locust Grove who live on the west side of Hwy 42 or anywhere in the vicinity of Tanger Blvd. there's a PEEPING TOM prowling around our neighborhoods. Let's all be diligent about watching and listening, so we can be safe. Call Locust Grove Police or 911 if you see or hear anything.

Hey Henry, I don't mind the flip flops, but please men, no sleeveless shirts! The male armpit is not a thing of beauty.

Hey Henry, please help my friend find her dog. Someone was shooting fireworks on May 5th and this scared her dog and she ran away. She was in the Stonewall Subdivision. She is a black and white Boston terrier, and her name is Lucy.

Hey Henry, can Henry County please provide a place (pay-for-use) where citizens can bring their larger trash pieces. We should not have to drive to Clayton County and pay them. This would help with the dumping issues in Henry County.

Hey Henry, if you are breastfeeding your 2-year-old you need some help, let alone out in public. I am all for breastfeeding infants up to 1 but after that, take it to a private place.

Hey Henry, Walnut Creek Manor would like to thank the Palmertree Family for our 3 new gardens. The residents are enjoying the sprucing up your family volunteered to do for us. We especially would like to thank Suzanne and Zack. Go Scouts!


Hey Henry, it is not just Kelley Town with no sidewalks or amenities. Henry County does not care about citizens’ quality of living. Just keep those good ole boys paving over everything. When they paved Sims Drive, a tiny bit of dirt road, it became the Woodland Express cut through. Now you cannot even go for a walk without speeders running you over. I wish I had moved to another county.

Hey Henry, why is graduation ceremony for the charter class of Locust Grove High being held in the gym and graduates limited to ten tickets? We have a stadium that could easily accomodate many attendees. This should be a memorable time in these students’ lives, not a time that they are forced to choose who does or does not share this special time.

Hey Henry, thanks Henry for the Rock Roll & Reminisce at the Jason T. Harper on Saturday. I had friends and family come from FL, NC and TN for the event.

Hey Henry, your bright lights are necessary when you leave your driveway on the remote roads of the county, but when you get to the major roads and 75, please have the brains and consideration to turn your high beams off.

Hey Henry, before you purchase ANYTHING, look at the label to see where it was made. If it says "Made in Pakistan," please put it down. Once you start looking, you will be surprised just how much "stuff" being sold in America is made in Pakistan?

Hey Henry, thanks for putting in everything that the county wastes money on in the vent. Oh wait, you don't. Is the vent run by queen B.J. herself?

Hey Henry, if you die in an elevator, be sure to push the up button.

Hey Henry, your county school bus drivers thank you for your support and gratitude. Our job has enormous responsibility and liability--a job we do well. Due to pay freezes last year and again this year, we are some of the lowest paid drivers in the metro area. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Hey Henry, I am one of the “dummies” who did not research the content of ‘The Producers’ before attending. I did not take my children, but if I had, I would have left long before it was over. I have been a season ticket holder for several years. I have never had a reason to check any production before attending. If you support this lifestyle, go for it. I have only one request, don’t expose your children to this lifestyle. they have enough problems to face.

Hey Henry, please let the County and especially Locust Grove know the Event Center is also the Senior Center. It is a place to have good food and fellowship. They have some programs going on BUT they need more participation. It is on the corner of Bowden St. and Mose Brown Dr.

Hey Henry, I am appalled at Judge Chafin's decision to let the Muslim, who appeared in court, wear his kufi. We are giving away all our rights here in America. Next time I appear in court I will be wearing a huge cross with a Bible in my hand. I will likely be fined for violating the rights of others.

Hey Henry, thank you Judge Chafin for reversing your earlier decision regarding the man wearing his religious headwear. You are wise and fair--what a judge should be!


Hey Henry, it sure would be nice if the McDonough and Henry County police departments would enforce the noise ordinances in our communities.

Hey Henry, it took President Obama so long the release his birth certificate because he shouldn't have had to release it. No other president has ever had to release one.

Hey Henry, this is a followup to a previous Hey Henry. The writer is correct. Kelleytown has nothing, no sidewalks, no amenities of any kind from the County. We have a 126 acre park with no money to develop. All we get from Henry County is tax bills.

Hey Henry, apparently the reader complaining about the "low bid paving contractor" for the Keys Ferry paving project didn't read the signs on the trucks. They were Henry County DOT trucks.

Hey Henry, Henry County may not have closed the libraries but they sure did lay a lot of people off that needed their jobs. I just don't see that as being better than Cobb County. Not one little bit.

Hey Henry, why are all the Henry County ballparks on different game rules? Game rules vary from park to park.....and way too much drama at all the ball parks! We pay good money for our kids to PLAY ...what are we teaching our kids? Lets show some sportsmanship! What happened to FUN?

Hey Henry, the legitimate press covered the issue of our President's birth certificate during the election process. Perhaps if one would stop watching only one news channel, owned by an Australian, that keeps its viewers by telling half-truths and partially edited video clips, one would see that the press is indeed asking questions good for all of us...questions on more important things like true budget and tax reform and not pandering to the fears of the few.

Hey Henry, I just would like to say how much my family and I have enjoyed living in Henry County these last five years. We moved from Rockdale County in 2006, and the difference has been awesome! I want to thank the Henry County Police Department for being close when people need them.

Hey Henry, why would we need a library in Kelleytown? We're 10 minutes away from the main library on 81.

Hey Henry, Happy Birthday IRS! The IRS started in 1911 and was an $11 flat tax. Like any other government agency it grew and grew to over 21,000 pages of tax laws. Maybe in a hundred years we can look back and say Happy Birthday Obama Care. Ya' think it'll grow too?

Hey Henry, I just love it that the GADOE has a parent advisory panel and at their website parents are welcome to send suggestions!

Hey, Henry, don't forget that in your vehicles, the switch on the left is a turn signal, USE IT!

Hey Henry, whats up with the gas stations that charge 7% tax on food items. Tax on food items should only be 3% in Georgia.

Hey Henry, I just want to give a special thank you to the people who played a part in finding my lost pet. He is home and we are all happy and getting back to normal.


Hey Henry, in case no one paid attention: Henry County NEVER closed, nor proposed closing a single library branch. We're much better than Cobb County.

Hey Henry, so you're offended by the content and anti-Christian sentiments in The Producers, and worried about the effects on children in the audience? Well, I'm offended by parents who take their children to shows without researching the content ahead of time. BTW, the fact that it was in a government building is irrelevant. I'm sure "UnChristian" things are said and done in government buildings on a daily basis.

Hey Henry, I guess the barrels at Hwy 81 and Racetrack road are there for decoration. They have been sitting there well over a month. I guess it will take another 2 years before this gets done as well.

Hey Henry, The real issue behind the birth certificate drama is why our press refused for three years to ask Obama why he wouldn't release it. The national press had no problems asking REPUBLICANS about it, at every turn. But I never saw the press ask Obama about it. The press is supposed to be looking out for us.

Hey Henry, to the couple who saw The Henry Players show "The Producers." You are complaining because you did not like the selection? Or maybe because you went to the show and did not know what was being played? lol ! Wake up, it was a Mel Brooks production! And btw, it was GREAT. Maybe next time you should watch one of the children’s shows instead, unless that is offending you on some other issue. Get a grip!

Hey Henry, will anyone in McDonough live long enough to see Lawrenceville Street repaved?

Hey Henry, close your eyes and you can see it. Highway 81 East the new Tara Blvd. ...

Hey Henry, I just want to wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

Hey Henry, I'd just like to thank Jimmy and Johnny White of Triple J Tree Works for rescuing our cat, after being stranded in the top of a tree for 7 days. Really nice guys and were glad to help.

Hey Henry, I think most of us realize that all handicaps are not visible to the eye. However, when you see a carload of teenagers hop out of their car and race each other to the door, how would you define THAT handicap?

Hey Henry, if this county doesn't hurry up and fix it's economic problems this county won't even exist anymore. With no new jobs and no new money coming in, what's to become of this county and it's people.

Hey Henry, to the Hampton resident that wants a county Rec. Center with a full gym inside and a Senior Center: Do you want your taxes raised to pay for it? Tax revenues are down due to the economy. There are commercial gyms you can pay for out of your pocket to go to. There is also a church that offers a "senior center" on certain days in Hampton. It's not the government's job to entertain us.

Hey Henry, here’s a quote for all you complainers. “The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects.” ~ Lord Jeffrey


Hey Henry, in response to the person who complained that non handicapped persons are improperly using another’s handicapped parking permit, many handicapped persons do not have visible handicaps and not all handicapped persons are senior citizens.

Hey Henry, I have 1 1/4 acres and my neighbor down the street has 25 acres. Property taxes are the same for both. Something’s wrong here. This is not fair.

Hey Henry, I’d like to give a positive thought to some special people. I’m in my 70s and disabled and have no one to help me when I grocery shop. I’m always surrounded by nice people I like to call my angels and they know who they are.

Hey Henry, everyone who volunteered to clean up Nash Farms - how about volunteering to clean up and maintain our children's schools. Our present day children and county need more support than an old battlefield.

Hey Henry, have you seen Henry Cork?

Hey Henry, a big thanks for the special needs Easter egg hunt at Nash farm - People First of Henry County deserve your full support. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who made the day special.

He Henry, This is in response to the person complaining about not having a recreation center in Hampton. You have a library, and the folks in Kelleytown don't. Appreciate what you've got.

Hey Henry, you know the best thing about this weekly vent? You will only find it in your weekly, community newspaper! The big newspapers would ignore your complaints, but The Henry County Times will always support the community. Great Job! There is nothing better than a weekly, community newspaper to keep you informed and on top of local happenings and this is one reason when my husband and I return to the area we will live in Henry County!

Hey Henry, would not watering the grass and it dying be a better option? The cost of water to the county, I'm sure, is quite cheap compared to replacing or regrowing the grass in the future. With sub par fields you would not have tournaments like the one a month or two ago that brought quite a bit of money into the county. Anyhow, do you want our kids playing on fields with no grass?

Hey Henry, to the person who wants a recreation center and senior center in Hampton... you realize that costs money to either build or renovate an existing building? Are you prepared to have an increase in taxes to pay for it or is the county just supposed to add more furlough days and possibly cut more jobs so it'll be less of an inconvenience to you?

Hey Henry, I hope the economy improves soon or there will be squirrel in every pot.

Hey Henry, express bus-coaches from McDonough to Downtown and Midtown Atlanta - Eight departures times in the morning and eight return trips in the evening. Monday-Friday. Stress free ride and major savings on gas. Just Sayin. $7.00 round trip


Hey Henry, why is JP Mosely Recreation Park the only one with a full gym, what about the other centers and how about a recreation center for Hampton, we have to drive clear over to Heritage Park or Locust Grove to do anything, there are lots of us here in Hampton who would like our own recreation center and a senior center.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about job openings at the county, do you realize the number of unemployed people there are? ANY position, if left open for too long, could easily see several hundred applicants. Would you want to sort through 400 applications for each open position? That is why they are closed quicker than in the past when the economy was better. So don't be mad that you didn't get the job and blame it on someone else.

Hey Henry, noticed the flags coming and going on 81? YES, YES, YES, We are going to get a light and turn lanes. Gee, I got so excited I forgot to tell you where. Racetrack and 81.

Hey Henry, after participating in Pvt. Jeremy Faulkner's homecoming yesterday and remembering the homecoming of Staff Sergeant First Class John C. Beale in 2009, I would like to challenge the residents of Henry County to only post positive and inspiring comments to "Hey Henry" for the rest of April. During the homecoming of a fallen soldier, we all came together as a loving community. Let's do this in MEMORY of all of our fallen soldiers.

Hey Henry, clean up the drugs and trash off the roads!

Hey Henry, each year, only 25% of the EIGHT MILLION dogs in shelters are adopted. Please spay and neuter. There aren't enough homes for them all.

Hey Henry, I do not understand why Parks and Rec. is watering the ball fields while county employees are being furloughed because there is not enough money in the budget. Money is money no matter where it comes from.

Hey Henry, thank you to the Commissioners and GDOT for getting the traffic light and turn lanes at Lake Dow and Hwy 81. That should help the problem at Race Track Rd. as well.

Hey Henry. "Congressmen who willfully take action during wartime that damages morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hung"— Abraham Lincoln

Hey Henry, yesterday I went to the new Wal-Mart in Locust Grove. Traffic was held up (6 cars that I could count) because a car was waiting to get a handicapped space right in front of the door. Finally, this car pulled into the space, hung a handicap tag on the rear view mirror, and out hopped two teenagers! Unforgivable.

Hey Henry, I love the idea of Blue Grass music on the Square. Come on events planner… let’s do it! A whole bunch of banjo pickers, guitar players, mandolins, fiddles… that would be too awesome!

Hey Henry, work hard, don't buy into this "someone's out to get me" attitude, and make good choices. Just remember someone out there is doing more with less than you. Please stop the begging and looking for handouts. Go out and make your own life instead of listening to fairy tales.


Hey Henry, to the person who wrote about the Henry County Schools and parents doing their job - HOORAY! Someone finally said it out loud. The truth hurts so bad. It's not all parents, and thank you to those who do their jobs. It shows in the classroom and sorry that your children have to miss out on learning because the teacher has to stop to discipline those that just want to goof off.

Hey Henry, I'd like to give a shout out to the City of Hampton for all the additions they have made to the City Park next to the Elementary School! They added exercise equipment and more playground equipment. I hadn't been in a while, and was really impressed. Thanks Hampton!

Hey Henry, did former Rep. Lunsford and Rep. Steve Davis ever pay back the money they owed Henry County? Never heard the outcome.

Hey Henry, if you are a pet owner please make sure that your pet has an I.D. tag on it's collar. In the last few months many pets have been found in my area with collars but no I.D. tags. Even if your pet has a chip, an I.D. tag makes it easy to call the owner. They sell the tags at most pet stores or big box stores for around $4.

Hey Henry, kudos to the Henry Players for a wonderful show (The Producers). We are lucky to have this group adding to the social life of our county!

Hey Henry, if the Parks and Recreation Dept. is funded by taxes, why is there a membership fee to use the gym and track facilities?

Hey Henry, if your reader actually read your paper, they would know that the Friends of the Library recently held it's annual Roast raising over $9,000, had a 5K race in December raising over $1,000 and has several other projects on tap for 2011. Ask the library director if she thinks the Friends do nothing.

Hey Henry, congratulations on the low-bid paving project on Keys Ferry Rd. We certainly got what we paid for.

Hey Henry, when are you going to get this BIG MESS at Rocky Creek Rd and Hampton/LG Rd. done? Get it right the first time and stop wasting my money.

Hey Henry, please don't call 911 just to have someone come tell your neighbor to stop burning leaves. Our EMS services have much bigger problems than your neighbor burning leaves. If you have a problem with it, go put your big girl panties on and go explain your issue to the burner and it might get resolved without tying up our firemen.

Hey Henry, I am so glad no one said anything about flip flops last week. Did I just say that out loud?

Hey Henry, if you're so concerned about Charter showing hard liquor programs while your kids watch TV why don't you sit down and watch TV with them so you can monitor what they're watching? Don't let the TV be your babysitter!

Hey Henry, this is to the Mayor or Dept. of Transportation. Why can't you get a traffic light on Racetrack Rd. at Hwy 81? When you fixed the intersection at Bethany and Hwy 81 you put up a traffic light which is great for the County but the Racetrack Rd. intersection is ridiculous.


Hey Henry, whoever plans the events in the Square, let’s do a super one. Get a good Blue Grass band and invite everyone who can play a guitar to bring it and play along. That would be great music ... people would love it.

Hey Henry, lets not sweep the gunning down of family pet dogs by police officers under the rug. Meter readers, package delivery employees and mailmen are in peoples yards and doorways hundreds of times more often than police officers. I have never heard of any of these needing to gun down a dog to get their jobs done.

Hey Henry, I wonder how many of my SPLOST tax dollars went towards the soccer complex I will never even see. Not demeaning the ones who will use the facility but how many holes in the road will be endured trying to get to the complex, hum?

Hey Henry, HELP! Cheer gym needed for a fantastic special needs cheer team that just got dumped from CTA!

Hey Henry, It's inconsiderate, when there is available parking, to hold up traffic so you can get a preferred space. It's totally wrong to park in a handicap space if you're not handicapped - even if you do have your grandmother’s handicap tag to hang up. Stop being lazy and walk a few more feet!

Hey Henry, the Ola High Academic Team hosted and competed in the GA qualifier for the first National History Bee and Bowl March 5th and qualified a varsity team and a junior varsity team to compete in the National Bowl finals in DC in April and one student qualified for the National Bee. Congratulations and good luck!

Hey Henry, both of my daughters who live next door to each other on Dorsey Road in Hampton were burglarized this year. Both burglaries occurred in broad daylight. Keep your guard up and call 911 if you see folks or vehicles that don't belong at a neighbor's house!

Hey Henry, why is the speed limit on Mill Road between Mt. Carmel and Jonesboro Road 45 MPH going north and 35 MPH going south?

Hey Henry, this is to the Locust Grove Citizen, with concerns in the March 23 edition concerning street side pick-up of leaves and trash. The city contracts with an outside vendor to pick-up household garbage weekly. The leaves, trash and limbs are picked up by city employees at no cost to the citizens because the city has no property tax, therefore it is free to all Locust Grove citizens.

Hey Henry, shame on the commissioners or whoever approves current houses for potential residential zoning! No other rezoning needs to be done until ALL of the empty, abandoned, and unused strip malls in and around McDonough get occupied!

Hey Henry, what exactly do the "Friends of the Library" do here? In every other place I have lived, the Friends are highly visible, raising money and awareness for the library. Other than the book sales Henry's "Friends" seem to do nothing. Hey Friends, how about doing more like participating in the upcoming county garage sale for example. The library needs help...NOW.

Hey Henry, I agree in thanking those businesses that give Military discounts, I also agree on allowing our Marines to show Military I.D. They should be acknowledged also even though they are not allowed to wear their cammies in public. Semper Fi!

Hey Henry, unless you’re related to the "higher ups" in Henry County Government, you don't have a prayer of getting a job since the job postings only last long enough for the "pre-chosen" applicant to submit their application. Sometimes postings last less than one business day.


Hey Henry, other counties in the metro area are just now cutting library hours and services and even closing branches altogether. Henry County had to do this a year ago because our library funding was slashed way before any other county's. I always hoped to see Henry County first in something, but not this.

Hey Henry, First, we need to pray for those over in Japan. Second, we need to commend those in Japan for setting the bar in the face of disaster. They have far surpassed what we here in the good ole USA would do. I have yet to hear of any looting, gunfire, fighting. What an example to set as a nation ... Wake up America, look at Japan. We need to pray, pray, pray for these people.

Hey Henry, I am so glad that someone else has decided to join me in the fight to put out those leaf burners... It is rude, disrespectful and not to mention TOXIC to choke your neighbor. Homes are built on top of each other now, so bag your leaves, compost them, whatever you need to do, but STOP taking my air, smelling up my house, car and animals and destroying these perfect, beautiful days with your choke-smoke.

Hey Henry, can everyone please be kind to each other and focus your energy in a positve way!

Hey Henry, I would like to run for commissioner in Henry County, but I don't live in your area. How would YOU- Henry County- like this, knowing I live in another county rather than yours. Would this make you uneasy?

Hey Henry, since my mantra of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” has not caught on ... Just Shut Up!

Hey Henry, why is it when people are elected to public office they pack their logical thinking away in a closet? We have curbside pick-up in Locust Grove, which is great, but I don't understand why they pick up everything except raked up and bagged leaves. Where is the logic in that? They have to send a special truck around when they have time to do this. That makes for unsightly curb side trash and a total waste of gas and money. Come on Locust Grove elected officials--get with the program.

Hey Henry, to the person who complained about the smell of smoky, burning leaves filling their house even with the doors and windows closed… do what I do… call the Fire Dept and tell them one of your family members is asthmatic (which is not a lie) and someone is burning leaves and they will come out and find out who is burning and have them put it out. ... hope this helps.

Hey Henry, about our schools in Henry County. If you parents would take more time out with your children, we as a school system and our teachers and staff wouldn't have so many problems with discipline in the school classrooms ... We are here to help them learn and not have to discipline or babysit your child and have to take all their crap or yours.

Hey Henry, as a mother of a US Military man, I would like to thank all of those who give Military Discounts. Sadly, our Marines don't receive these discounts because the men and women have to be in uniform and the Marines aren’t permitted to wear their camis "out and about." Can some concessions be made for our Marines so they can show the proper military ID and receive these discounts as well?

Hey Henry, I am a 26 year old woman who needs NO HELP changing a flat tire!

Hey Henry, responding to the Hey Henry relating to GA legislature members being stupid, they usually train at the local level. Refer to the purchase of Tara Field, the police shooting range (needed in 10 years?), Nash Farms, etc.


Hey Henry, all my doors are shut, and yet somehow, the pollution you call one of the top ten smells in the world, Mr. Burning Leaves Dude, is seeping in my house and fouling up my air. Justify it all you want, but if you dispose of those leaves properly, they get composted at the landfill with the other lawn clippings. If you really want to help the Earth, compost those leaves instead of burning them and adding to the air pollution problem.

Hey Henry, women can do anything a man can do...... until the flat tire needs changing.

Hey Henry, I'd like to have a goat and some chickens. I'm in Flippen, with a McDonough address. At one time I saw it was illegal within city limits (which I think I'm in), but now that we all are getting back to nature, are they still being cranky about it?

Hey Henry, instead of the Commissioners using money to buy Tara Field, why can't they use the money to help out the libraries and other departments that have been cut almost to death? I mean, that would make sense to the taxpayers.

Hey Henry, my daughter's boyfriend is not coming to see her today because he lost his cellphone. I don't think my generation had this problem; all we needed was a dime in our pocket, or maybe a quarter.

Hey Henry, so gasoline is sky-high; this is still a beautiful spring. Enjoy it!

Hey Henry, to the person who wrote in about "trashy people" in Walmart, please define "trashy people" so I can be on the lookout for them when I'm there.

Hey Henry, bring back the Easter Parade!

Hey Henry, if you need trash pickup two times a week, you need to recycle. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Hey Henry, have you noticed that the younger generation has replaced "you are welcome" with "no problem" in response to our "Thank You" we offer for services. I never thought of it as a problem in the first place. Parents please teach your children proper manners. My grandchild was saying "you are welcome" before the age of two and continues now at age 25.

Hey Henry, do only stupid people run for the Georgia legislature or do they become stupid after they are elected?

Hey Henry, it wasn't that long ago that the recycle center on Hwy. 81/Hampton Road was essentially a dump. It is now cleanly swept, organized, and the assistants actually assist. I see that a recycling station has been set up for motor oil. I will gladly go back to servicing my own vehicle, especially now that I have a place to properly dispose of the old 10W. If you gave up on this facility some time ago, it's time for you to return. They're doing a first rate job!

Hey Henry, I certainly hope you understood that ‘1984’ was a metaphor to represent a total, authoritarian police state. We are controlled from cradle to grave as it is, yet they keep pushing for more. We can't burn leaves, make a purchase, drive a car, make a phone call, have a parade, assemble in public, add on to a home, etc, without layers of government involvement and regulation.


Hey Henry, in regards to the Bark Park just off Jonesboro Road. I would love to take my large breed Pom to a place where he can run and play as much as he wants. (Ed. note: The Bark Park is at North Mt. Carmel Park at 307 N. Mt. Carmel Road. It is part of the Henry County Parks and Recreation Dept.)

Hey Henry, all the money being wasted investigating Atlanta Public Schools cheating on tests needs to be funneled into the HOPE scholarship and Pre-K funds. It is a waste of resources. The lawyers and "special investigators" are the only ones benefiting from this mess. They cheated, get over it, move on, and put all that money to good use somewhere else!

Hey Henry, the City of Stockbridge has reduced trash pickup from two days per week to one day per week. The piles of trash in the cans lining the streets last week was horrible, smelly, and unsightly. This will worsen in the upcoming summer heat. Most importantly, if I am getting half the service, why is my bill not being cut in half?

Hey Henry, what is the best way to get rid of a stray cat? (Ed. note: hang on to your seatbelts, folks. This is going to be interesting.)

Hey Henry, Walmart is not a high-end department store. If you don't like the people, then shop somewhere else.

Hey Henry, can anyone out there tell me what you have to do to get the handicapped parking law enforced? If the law is not going to be enforced, they may as well take down all the signs, because right now, everyone and anyone are parking in the designated spaces marked off for the handicapped. What does it take to get the attention of our law enforcement folks?

Hey Henry, the Board of Commissioners should learn the difference between wants and needs. They might want to buy Tara Field, but we don't need to buy Tara Field.

Hey Henry, has anyone else hit the holes in the road on Jonesboro Street between the Square and the railroad tracks? The holes are getting worse and someone is going to blow a tire there.

Hey Henry, parents, please don't let your kids climb on the MIA military memorial wall in Heritage Park. Teach them to show the respect it deserves.

Hey Henry, bag your leaves and fill up the landfills. Burning leaves are one of the ten top smells in the world... close your windows, Yankee, and get over it.

Hey Henry, I like to take all my kitties out into the street in the moonlight and sing showtunes. Is that odd?

Hey Henry, why don't you publish all the "Hey Henry" submissions. (Ed. note: Well, Skippy, I guess you just got yours in, didn’t you?)

Hey, Henry, I see the gas prices have not stopped Henry County residents from going places. I believe if the gas goes up to $5.00 a gallon, it will not stop them from eating out and continuing to drive those gas guzzling SUVs.

Hey Henry, I hear that “Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition” is filming in Henry County. I think 90% of the people in this County should be contestants. Especially you women in those way-too-tight stretchy capri pants. (Ed. note: and we don’t want to leave out you beer-belly men.)


Hey Henry, why do I detect so much anger here? Isn’t anybody happy anymore?

Hey Henry, I just heard that Southlake Mall is closing. I thought the economy was "getting better?"

Hey Henry, everyone seems to looks down on our school - Henry County High School. But if they only knew how many of the staff really loves our kids, no matter their race or their wealth. I wouldn't put my kids in any of the Henry County schools other than HCHS because I think kids should be raised to love and respect everyone, regardless.

Hey Henry, wake up! 1984 was 27 years ago.

Hey Henry, if you are driving 45 mph in a 55 mph zone, you obviously have ample time to move over and allow the 15 cars behind you to go by.

Hey Henry, in response to the Ellenwood mom and her doggy. There is a dog friendly park in McDonough off of Jonesboro Road. It is called Bark Park. You will meet friendly people and your dog will have a blast! Come join us!

Hey Henry, what is the deal with all you leaf burners? Don’t you know the smoke is choking your neighbor? Bag the leaves and quit taking my air. I would like to go outside and breathe!

Hey Henry, please fix the light at Hwy 81 and Lake Dow Rd. before someone gets killed.

Hey Henry, get the county commissioners off the golf course and get our county cleaned up - it is a pigsty. I am embarrassed to have people from out of state come to see me. I travel all over the state and Henry is by far the worst for trash.

Hey Henry, you are not being watched by the county 24/7. The cameras on I-75 are from the state DOT, to monitor traffic in and out of Atlanta. Go to Ga. DOT web site and you can watch the same traffic if you’re worried.

Hey Henry, every time I go to the McDonough Walmart, I feel like I am at the Jerry Springer show. I’ve never seen so many trashy people in my life. Hopefully, they won’t make their way down to the new Walmart in Locust Grove.

Hey Henry, I know people wonder why I write you since I live so far away but they have no idea how much I enjoy the Henry County Times even though I have it on the computer. I hope McDonough never changes from such a warm, caring city. Many years ago, I worked with a wonderful group at Dr. Foster’s office and met so many people and I still remember them. Thanks for keeping me up on all the news. Garland, TX is a long way from McDonough but I still have friends there. I also count you as my friend.

Hey Henry, is it really too hard to reach down and turn on your lights when driving in the rain? It would make it a lot easier to see you, hence making it safer to drive.

Hey Henry, it is illegal to park your car on public streets in the City of Stockbridge. It is dangerous when people park on the street and you can't pass around the cars in your neighborhood. You can easily hit an oncoming car or worse yet a child. If you have too many cars to park in your driveway buy a bigger house.


Hey Henry, my four legged daughter and I are new to the county (Ellenwood). Are there any pet friendly parks around?

Hey Henry, just sayin’, I DID wear my flip flops just to show off my beautiful feeties! Didn't ya'll love them? Oh, you know you did! Yes, you did! I mean, they were just beautiful!

Hey Henry, that new District 5 Commissioner is a real prize.

Hey Henry, yes it is time for flip flops and I would be the first person to say cover those ugly feet up, but when you take care of them then wear them. It is those with ugly feet who complain to begin with and the ones that do not know how easy it is to wash your feet.

Hey Henry, doesn't anyone have anything positive to say? Stay positive and love your life.

Hey Henry, if I'm going 45 mph on Hwy. 81 where the speed limit is 55 mph and you call the police and report me as a drunk driver, then I say you are the one endangering public safety by making false claims that take up valuable police time. If the speed limit is 55 mph that doesn't mean I must drive 55, it simply means I can't drive over 55 mph legally. Calm down, or go back up north where I'm sure you're from.

Hey Henry, lots of folks abuse the Henry Co. 911 system. You are dumb to call 911 about a hang nail or because you stubbed your toe at 3 a.m. Just remember that the gas to get to your house is costing you and the rest of us money.

Hey Henry, please do something about Racetrack Rd. This is one of the most dangerous roads in the county. Yes, another accident, as a mother and her young child were hit. Why not do something before someone dies because of an accident. Be pro-active.

Hey Henry, on behalf of the many working moms who are good parents and helping to support their families, many of us don't have the choice to stay at home with our children but it doesn't mean we're not doing everything we can for our children including entrusting them to wonderful caregivers during the day. Take off your rose colored glasses and realize that sometimes it does take a village.

Hey Henry, so Fairview Athletic Association is now called Bruce Holmes Athletic Association? Is Mr. Holmes paying for this or is it just another politician on an ego trip?

Hey Henry, many thank you's to the Sacred Journey Staff for what you did during our father's illness. We will never forget the kindness and love you've shown us during his stay. The world needs more places and people like you.

Hey Henry, the election for Governor is over and you lost Ray McBerry, so take down your signs. They are an eyesore. It is also against the law to leave them up.

Hey Henry, a quip is, at most, a sentence or two; anything more is a misplaced editorial. (Well Said! Ed.)

Hey Henry, working for the HCBOE means that I have not had a raise in 3 years and I have had to take 8 days off without pay. Teachers make good money but all the other "little" people would make more working at Walmart.

Hey Henry, What are all those poles with mounted cameras on I-75 in Henry County for? We are being put under surveillance 24/7 in this country. 1984 is here, folks.


Hey Henry, it gets on my nerves that people don't pay attention to simple signs. Like ENTER and EXIT, for instance. At some stores, people look at you like you’re crazy for going out or in the correct door. I guess they either can`t read or just don’t care. Maybe they need to go back to elementary school to learn something so simple.

Hey Henry, annoy a conservative, live like Jesus!

Hey Henry, we keep hearing about childhood obesity being an epidemic. When I was a child, I spent my afternoons during the week outside. These days homework consumes most of our childrens evenings, and even much of their time on weekends. If in the past you were able to receive a proper education without so much homework, why can't it happen for our own children today.

Hey Henry, just thought those who have students at Luella High School should know that there obviously IS a tolerance for bullying and threats. My daughter was sexually threatened by a male and NOTHING was done about it. No hearing, no ISS, no OSS. I know this because he is still in classes, roaming halls and no students she mentioned as witnesses were interviewed.

Hey Henry, I saw Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of South Side Steve's on Industrial on Sunday. Didn't know they could sell cookies in front of a bar. Must be relaxing their standards.

Hey Henry, just saying I'm wearing my nasty "FLIP FLOPS" and showing my ugly feet.

Hey Henry, to the guy who thinks he should govern the speed on Hwy 81, the speed limit is just that, a maximum, not a minimum. This means the public can drive any speed 55 or under without breaking the law when there is no minimum speed posted. If you are in such a hurry, I suggest you leave earlier! Driving under the speed limit is not a crime, but making false accusations is! I think I’ll start driving 35 mph on that stretch, just for you.

Hey Henry, in reference to last week's Hey Henry: Bruce Holmes has various athletic leagues he sponsors for kids. The name of the recreation center in Fairview is the Fairview Recreation Center. It doesn't have Bruce Holmes in the title.

Hey Henry, why don't cops issue warnings for speeding anymore? I can understand the need for speeding tickets every now and again. But my gosh, it's getting crazy around here. (Ed. note: Those days are gone).

Hey Henry, Re: the "Take gap, Give Gap" on the Square, It works great for me, Don't Worry, Be Happy; Re: "No Red Light" at Lake Dow and 81 East,” there's one now. Don't Worry, Be Happy; Re: "All the People on Welfare", I feel so blessed I am not one of them and have the good fortune and ability to assist those in need... Don’t Worry, Be Happy; Re: "All the Rookie Cops" I'm glad there are young people willing to go into this underpaid and underappreciated line of work to protect and serve. Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Hey Henry, welfare was made to be a hand up not a handout or way of life. If you continue to have kids while on welfare then yes, you should be forced to use birth control until you can get your life in order.

Hey Henry, can someone ask that cop who thought it was okay to hold up traffic on Thurmond Rd. at 11:30 a.m. on January 19 to have a conversation with someone, lights flashing to make us stop for him and all, if that is common practice.


Hey Henry, thank you Henry County for taking over the recycling center! On our visit today we found the drop off area clean, well-organized and helpful staff in attendance. What a change! The center had gotten so bad (trashy area, overflowing dumpsters, surly staff) that we had almost decided to forego recycling rather than deal with it.

Hey Henry, I commend the person who stated that schools are not daycare centers and totally agree that if you can't afford daycare - don't have kids. I don't understand why people want to have 3, 4, or more children then stick them in daycare for the for the first five years of their lives. What's the point? You miss all the "firsts", and someone else is teaching them THEIR beliefs, core values, and outlook on life. How can you even have the nerve to suggest that schools be open 7/24/365? It DOES NOT take a village to raise a child. Stay home and raise your own kids and stop putting that responsibility on everyone else.

Hey Henry, as a response to the Hey Henry about welfare recipients being drug tested, I agree. If they have money to buy drugs they don't need welfare.

Hey Henry, maybe we should quit worrying about what others are wearing on their feet and instead worry about what comes out of our mouths. Which one effects others the most?

Hey Henry, to all of you self-appointed Traffic Safety Officials, the speed limit on 81 between Publix and 212 is 55 mph. Those of you who think you are being safe by driving between 30 and 45 mph are not. You are a nuisance and a danger to the public. Get in front of me going that slow, and I will report you to the police as a drunk driver. Happy driving.

Hey Henry, we now have a new Rec. Center in the Fairview area, which is great, but it is named Bruce Holmes Athletic Association, why not Fairview Athletic Association?

Hey Henry, just noticed the proposed strategic plan for Henry County Schools on their website. Does it take a culture and climate focus team to handle problems in our schools? All we need are administrators and teachers that are able to uphold their moral obligations to our children, and if they can't, they should be held accountable for their actions.

Hey Henry, Yay! We hereby declare February 14th Henry County Flip Flop Day! Let’s start the season early this year for all of our local admirers.

Hey Henry, to the people that constantly complain and disrespect the Law Enforcement Officers - I am sure the majority of you make way more than they do. If you ever wonder about how “little” they are paid to risk their lives to keep you and your families safe, just check out your County’s Board of Commissioners’ website. They are not “making a killing” to risk getting killed for you.

Hey Henry, why were the new firing range plans for Stroud Rd. kept so quiet? Doesn't look like anyone cares about the homeowners that will have to deal with the noise, and believe me, the sounds will carry.

Hey Henry, to the person that owns a truck and is responding in reference to the gas guzzling SUV's, I do have a job and so does my spouse. You must be one of those people that got a good job because you are related to someone or you are a good friend. That is how it works nowadays. Look at the Board of Education. There are people that got hired on in maintenance because of the buddy system and are making top dollar just to cut grass.


Hey Henry, it's getting close to that time of year where everybody will start wearing their nasty flip flops. I bet they can't wait! If you people only knew how many germs your feet get on them wearing those trashy things.

Hey Henry, why not drug test all people who want or are on Welfare? If you can't pass the test then you don't get the Welfare, because if you have drugs in your system then where did you get the money for them? If you have money for drugs then you have money to pay your bills. Welfare was not put in place to be a life style - it was put in place to help you between jobs and better yourself by getting an education so you can get a job. No sympathy here.

Hey Henry, this is a special thank you to the HCPD and Sheriff's Department and everyone that helped transport staff to Sacred Journey Hospice during the recent snowstorm. Thank you to all who helped us take care of our special patients.

Hey Henry, to the poster wondering if taxpayers were footing some of the bill to send the Marching Mustangs to London. I can say definitively that the answer is NO. Students are paying their own way, and many students will not be going on the trip simply because of the cost. Marching Band is an extracurricular activity that is paid for by the students and parents, not the School Board. But, if you are offering, I'm sure the band would be happy to accept your donation toward the trip.

Hey Henry, do we not have enough oil change places and gas stations and for god sakes not another drug store down 81. We need something good like a Chick-fil-A.

Hey Henry, I don't know who invented the car lights that are bright blue and looks like someone has their brights on, but they need to have a good kick in the ____.

Hey Henry, to the uneducated-about-crime person who made the comment about HCPD rookie cops - you are clueless. We live in metro Atlanta. Check out the crime stats. I sure hope that the widow of the recently slain Georgia State Patrolman doesn't read the unfeeling Hey Henry submission by you. You should hope that all police officers, regardless of their time with the department, are using every safety precaution necessary, including suspecting everyone of being a criminal.

Hey Henry, did you see the police stopping all the traffic on the Square so four people could cross from the courthouse. Who were those people?

Hey Henry, please tell me I didn't read it right. On the Henry County website did I read that the county is considering an "adult entertainment" establishment?

Hey Henry, saw a posting at the 4th floor nurses station at Henry Medical. It read, "Focus for the month. Patient Care."

Hey Henry, this weather stinks!

Hey Henry, the "give gap, take gap" sign on the McDonough Square is non-standard and goes against the AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, and the most common interpretation of this mess violates at least two state laws (three if you count unnecessary horn use). Unless you have a trailer or are driving a bus, turn into your own lane (the closest one, for those who slept through driver training) like the pictorial sign and state law indicate, and merge in the remaining 240 feet of road before the next light. It's much more efficient, especially if people have the courtesy to let you move over.


Hey Henry, all the news about Sonny Purdue and Mr. Deal just shows that the state will be in worse shape than it has been in the past. They are padding their pockets and the pockets of their buddies. I hope all that voted for them and the crooked Republican party will be happy. The kids and school system will suffer from the crooks that have been elected. Furloughs and budget cuts. Please take care of the school systems. Teachers and employees have taken the cuts to pad their pockets.

Hey Henry, what about people who paid big money for their homes on Rodgers Rd. and have to look at a contractors work materials in his yard facing the street.

Hey Henry, to the person who said that the schools should be open 24/7/365, because you can't afford daycare. First of all, if you cannot afford daycare you should have not had children. Second of all, we are a school system not your personal daycare.... that is why the children act the way they do, because the have no parental supervision going on.

Hey Henry, regarding the 55 mph speed limit on Hwy 81, the traffic has become more congested closer into town due to the increase in population and businesses out that way. The 55 mph limit has become outdated. The common sense approach would be to lower the busier section of it to 45 mph.

Hey Henry, I am almost positive the City of McDonough's Mayor, Council and Administration have been brain washed.

Hey Henry, Is it true that now that the OHS Marching Mustangs trip was approved that us taxpayers are having to foot some of the bill?

Hey Henry, on Saturday the 22nd I was walking around the Square and noticed that Christmas music is still playing. What's with that?

Hey Henry, I just want to say kudos to the person who commented on the SUV gas guzzler. I personally drive a truck, (chevy 4x4), and love it! I pay for the tag, insurance, and GAS. That being said, maybe if the person complaining would spend more time and energy on finding a job, they wouldn't care about how people with a job spend their hard earned money.

Hey Henry, Mary Jane Owen can write anything she wants. That's why it is called an Opinion Page!

Hey Henry, where is the American flag that was at Jonesboro Road exit on I-75?

Hey Henry, There are many avid runners and cyclists in and around the county. Please be respectful and courteous and slow down and/or move over a bit for those people.

Hey Henry, Christmas is over. Please take your decorations down. If you are unable to take them down, please stop turning them on! This includes the City of Stockbridge!

Hey Henry, To the person who rarely gets sick and doesn't believe you need health insurance, when you get a cold and it turns into pneumonia and you end up in the hospital or you fall off your roof cleaning your gutters and break your back don't go to the hospital without insurance. Your bill will be astronomical. It only takes one trip to run up a huge bill. If you aren't responsible enough to pay for health insurance the rest of us shouldn't have to pay your hospital bill.


Hey Henry, stop using the library system's woes as a whipping boy for the whole financial picture in this current economic situation. Your generalized anger should not be directed to people who are doing their best under very dire circumstances.

Hey Henry, coming into the Square from Jonesboro Road, it would resolve some of the traffic issues if you could make that right turn and both lanes on Griffin Street were made left turn lanes at Hampton Street?

Hey Henry, just thinking about a recent "Hey Henry." If I have to work to collect an "unemployment check," it isn't an unemployment check is it? Good idea though.

Hey Henry, shame on the Times for the "slap" for the people who made the decision to close libraries and furlough staff. The slap should have been delivered to the politicians who cut library funding. Why is it so hard to understand that to be open, libraries must be funded?

Hey Henry, for all of you folks who (like me) love your $19.95 per year Magic Jack phone you should know that if you have to call 911 your call does not go to Henry County 911. It goes to a national "call center" and precious time will be wasted ... I learned this the hard way when I thought there was a prowler in my yard at 3 a.m. and called 911 for police. I had to hang up and dial directly to HC. I suggest everyone have the direct line's number posted somewhere near your phone. Direct line to HC 911 is 770-957-9121.

Hey Henry, it's happened already, several times. Accident after accident on Hwy. 81 and Lake Dow Road. ... who thought it wise not to install a traffic light there before opening the road? ... That was a no-brainer right from the beginning. Duh! and I hate that term.

Hey Henry, I do believe every Mustang in Henry County and every pickup truck with dual mufflers live near Airline Road and Kelleytown Road. Be considerate of the old folks that live around that area. That is not a place for burnouts! There are four stop signs there - please stop.

Hey Henry, crime in City Square Subdivision? Ten dwellings per acre? Hey, build it and they will come!

Hey Henry, anyone of any age can use a library computer. Those under 16 have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The fact that that's too much trouble for some people doesn't mean the libraries should allow kids unfettered access to expensive equipment.

Hey Henry, you are "slower traffic" if someone wants to go faster than you. Be courteous and get over!

Hey Henry, to the ignorant horses "ice" who stated, "why don't we look at cutting back on welfare and all those other programs that give freebies to so many undeserving individuals... and Govt. forced sterilization, etc ... I have so much significant and valid rebuttal I don't know where to start. Every time I try to type I just find myself frozen in utter disbelief that such self-righteous ignorance still exists.

Hey Henry, last time I checked a Charter Cable subscription was not compulsory. If you have a problem with them showing liquor commercials call and CANCEL! Duh.

Hey Henry, it is really nice to have a new connection for Lake Dow Road to Hwy. 81 E, but D.O.T should know it needs a light. I see many traffic accidents for the near future.

(Ed. Note) Below are our Hey Henry Snowmageddon specials

Hey Henry, for the past week most of us were fortunate to be home with our families, cooking, watching movies, playing games, etc. We see many Thank You’s to our Fire and Police as well as medical staffers and they do deserve much more, but my hat is off to Ga Power and EMC not only because they were all on call, but also because very few lost power in our area. This is because of the work they do all year not just during the storms when they are not home with their families. So the next time you see one of these special people, say thank you.

Hey Henry, McDonough Dialysis Center is extremely grateful to Henry County Transit who opened their services on a snowy, icy day to get patients to their lifesaving treatments. Their spirit of going above and beyond was so deeply appreciated. And to the volunteers from the McDonough United Methodist Church who filled in the transportation gaps, you showed love in a tangible way in what felt like a helpless situation. The people of Henry County take good care of needs in their community.

Hey Henry, one good thing about the snow storm...everything comes to a complete standstill and it's kind of nice to have to go back to the way it once was ... neighbors coming outside to play in the snow, talking to each other ... being forced to walk to where you need to go, saying hello as you pass by. It was really nice seeing people outside and visiting with each other and checking on each other and helping out where needed, and so very nice not to hear those loud mufflers. Enjoyed the four wheelers out and about - wish everyone had snowmobiles! God Bless America.

Hey Henry, thank you, Luella Middle School teachers, for helping your students stay on track with schoolwork during the snow/ice storm. I appreciate the phone calls and emails.

Hey Henry, thank you Georgia DOT for sanding and salting the roads and scraping the ice after the snowstorm. I don't know about everyone else, but I am very appreciative of the hard work that you did!

Hey Henry, I am appalled at the way Henry County and Clayton County handled this snow/ice week. Monroe and Lamar Counties are rural counties and they are back in school already. Has your departments ever heard of salt and sand on the road before the ice/snow storm. Enough warning was given from all the news stations. It's ridiculous that these students are out of school 5 days because maintenance can't get out in their dump trucks and dump salt, gravel and sand on these roads. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves and we are paying taxes on these roads for what reason?

Hey Henry, I loved all this snow and ice, hope it happens again soon.

Hey Henry, to all who complain about the roads, whatever, all you people were told to stay off the streets, but decided not to listen. So all accidents are your problem, think insurance shouldn't pay for anything. Peace Out.

"Idiots to the right of me! Idiots to the left of me! Onto the highway of death I drove from 400!" Had to drive from Sandy Springs Sunday night. The snow and sleet were no problem. It was all the idiots the asylum let out onto the interstate. Driving 5 mph with their flashers on, skidding sideways by Ga. Tech, and piling up below the Braves Stadium. Once I got past the idiots, I clipped along at 40 mph with no problem. Geez! I wonder what it would have been like had there been 2" of snow?


Hey Henry, Jack Webb on Dragnet always said, "Just the facts, sir, just the facts." Fact: Payroll taxes including unemployment is paid by the library system, NOT the county.

Hey Henry, why has McDonough gotten to the point that they even need protective glass at city hall. Think about it! I have. It really is getting that bad.

Hey Henry, for the woman who is looking for the single men, what age man are you looking for?

Hey Henry, to everyone complaining about the library hours, give it a break. These services are a convenience to us, not a necessity. Be thankful our emergency services and water are still being provided. I frequent our local library, and have had to make some changes to the times I go, but it's just part of the current economic situation. Not everyone has a computer at home (or sometimes it's not working) and it's great that we (and our school kids) have a place to go to do what needs to be done. To those who work for our library system, Thanks!

Hey Henry, I'm not bashing HCPD, but some of these rookie cops are ... disrespectful. Perhaps they can't see the forest for the trees and everyone must be a criminal, even the ones who failed to signal, didn't wear a seatbelt that one time, the occasional speeder. C'mon, you don't have to be ugly about it. Maybe we're not like Mayberry anymore, but we ain't Jersey Shore either.

Hey Henry, because of the sleet and snow I can't get to work but the WalMart employees better be at work. I can't drive 6 miles to work, but I can make the 8 miles to Walmart with no problem! I just hope the boss doesn't see me as I pass work!

Hey Henry, one has to be 18 to use the library computers, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Most of the children in poor households would already have graduated by the time they could use them. (Ed. note: The policy states that with a signed parental waiver, children age 16 may use computers.)

Hey Henry, according to the current Georgia Driver's Manual "A yellow flashing light means you must slow down and exercise caution before proceeding through the intersection.” If I feel I need to come to a complete stop in order to "exercise caution" then you'll just have to live with it. And on a similar note when it comes to "slower traffic keep right,” if I'm going the speed limit - I'm not slower traffic.

Hey Henry, why not make those collecting unemployment checks do community service to EARN the paycheck they get. If they had to get out and work for it then maybe they would look a little harder. I have personally heard 3 people that are on unemployment say they can make more staying home than getting a minimum wage job--shame on you! I am a single mom working 2 jobs and I am tired of paying for you to sit at home on your butt.

Hey Henry, the pictures of the nursing home visit on Woodland Middle School's website were quite impressive. The elderly and the kids both seemed to thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. The manicures were awesome. Way to go WOLFPACK!

Hey Henry, I think the person who said, "As you plan your parties, dinners, etc. remember there are a lot of lonely, hurting people out there that just need to know they are loved. Reach out and make someone feel cared for. It truly is better to give than receive." Yes, it is, that was a really sweet vent. Nice to know some really care!


Hey Henry, “The Night Before Christmas” poem about shelter dogs that was printed in the Times Christmas edition brought tears to my eyes. I am proud to live in a community where the animal shelter really cares about animals. I visited the shelter for the first time today and it was a great experience.

Hey Henry, I want to send a big thank you to all the people who helped make the McDonough Square look so beautiful at Christmas. I loved driving past there every day and seeing the beautiful lights and decorations. This "Yankee" appreciates all your hard work!

Hey Henry, for those of you who do not like to look at feet that probably means you have ugly feet. My wife takes very good care of her feet, so her wearing flip-flops does not bother me at all. Telling someone not to wear flip-flops is like telling someone to not wear short sleeves during winter or long sleeves during summer. It is called "Human Rights."

Hey Henry, I think it is terrible that someone stole a van in the parking lot at the Stockbridge Wal-Mart. The van is for a handicapped person. Now, they have nothing. You should be ashamed.

Hey Henry, it would be nice and safe if Peach Drive weren’t like the autobahn. Slow down, please. There's a school, hospice and a lot of nice people who live there. A little police radar might also be a good idea, especially around 7:30 a.m.

Hey Henry, all I've got to say is that stop signs are for stopping, open freeways are for driving, and yellow lights are for caution.

Hey Henry, is there any truth to the rumor that in order to start a business in McDonough, one must pay an "impact fee" of around $5,000? People, we need the economy to rebound, not stifle it!

Hey Henry, where are all the hot, single men in Henry County? It's cold and I'm lonely!

Hey Henry, kudos to the Henry County Police and Sheriff's Department on all the work they did to take $1.6 M of drugs and weapons off the streets of Henry County. Good Job!

Hey Henry, where is the recession in Henry County? I sure haven't seen it. Folks shop ‘til they drop and eat out constantly. When exactly do they work?

Hey Henry, to those who enjoy smashing our mailboxes, please use that energy and time to volunteer to help those less fortunate.

Hey Henry, you say to stay at home when I have a bad cough, congestion, or chills; but my boss says if I do not come to work to teach your children I will be fired (of course, I wouldn't be sick at all, if your kids would stay home when sick, would I?).

Hey Henry, congratulations to the students and alumni of Ola High School who are now members of Spirit of Atlanta drum and bugle corps! This is an amazing opportunity for these kids, and I wish them well.

Hey Henry, what is going on at Lake Dow Rd. and Hwy. 81 East? It is another accident waiting to happen, since there have already been accidents there. Where is the light?

Hey Henry, just how many geese are crossing the new East Lake Extension? Seems the county could easily save a few dollars by not posting unnecessary signs.


Hey Henry, from Butts County. I want you to know how much I enjoy reading The Times. I am always glad to see the writings by Jimmy Cochran and Brenda DeLauder. Keep telling how great God is!

Hey Henry, has the City of Stockbridge stopped enforcing the sign law on the right-of-way in front of businesses on Hwy. 42 and 138? It looks like we have been annexed into Clayton County.

Hey Henry, a special thank you to the honest lady who found my wallet in the parking lot at the station on E. Atlanta Road and brought it to my door.

Hey Henry, thank you so much for the house on Bridges Drive with the beautiful light display. But mainly, thank you for putting up the birthday cake for Jesus. It shows the reason for Christmas and brightens up our street.

Hey Henry, thank you to the Henry County and Hampton police for doing such a good job catching the two men who robbed the BP in Hampton two weeks ago. Thank you guys for a job well done. We wouldn’t know what we would do without you.

Hey Henry, it’s a new year! Time to clean up every aspect of your life, including intellectually. Have a mental yard sale; you won't make much, but you'll feel better!

Hey Henry, instead of cutting back on our social security, why don't we look at cutting back on welfare and all those other programs that give freebie's to so many undeserving individuals. If women and men want to stay on welfare, they should be allowed one child, at the most, two. If they are not at a point of self sufficiency by the second pregnancy, then after the child is born the mothers tubes should be tied. Then the government needs to go after their own and start cutting their overpaid incomes and outlandish expenses.

Hey Henry, while we are on the subject of dangerous intersections, how about addressing Hwy. 81 and Racetrack Road that everybody south of the Square seems to turn down every morning backing traffic up for 10 miles. Can't you people find an alternate route?

Hey Henry, why is it that you never see a skinny person riding around in a hoverround? Because the hoverround was designed for those who lounged around so much they got too fat to move themselves. No, this is NOT for those of you who have a medical reason for using a hoverround; it IS, however, directed at those of you who are lazy, overweight and a contributor to our obesity issue in this country.

Hey Henry, 8U LG Lady Dawgs - we love you and you are the best. What a first class softball team! Be proud of who you are and what you represent. You are loved by many.

Hey Henry, green means go!

Hey Henry, those poor dogwood trees on Jonesboro Rd need to come down - it's tree planting time, can we get some new ones?

Hey Henry, is anything going to be done about the crime in City Square Subdivision? There have been two separate shootings in my neighborhood in the last two months. These shootings apparently don't make the news, and as a homeowner I am appalled. If it is happening here, it won’t be long till it spreads over the county. I paid $115,000 to live in McDonough, and the city should be doing something about this. And trust me, if we could sell our house, we would be out of here as quick as possible!


Hey Henry, kudos to the Atlanta Festival Ballet for their outstanding production of The Nutcracker! It was magical.

Hey Henry, we really don't need a gas station or development at every intersection.

Hey Henry, I really love the vintage looking, singing snowmen on Sloan Street. I wave every morning as I pass them.

Hey Henry, has the state passed a law that turn signals and lane change signals are not allowed anymore?

Hey Henry, Mary Jane Owen can write anything she wants. That's why it is called an Opinion page.

Hey Henry, does anyone else have the feeling that the wealth of this country is being swiped right before our eyes?

Hey Henry, and we wonder why we get sick... people licking their fingers when passing papers? Uh-huh, there's your answer.

Hey Henry, to all you Yankees - if you want to live in Henry County in peace, you need to learn not to tell people where you are from and learn a country accent. Ha-ha-ha, Imma go now, see ya later!

Hey Henry, I'll be glad when they finish working on the intersection of Hudson Bridge and Flippen Road.
Hey Henry, it is cold now, so put up your nasty flip flops so people don't have to look at your ugly feet!

Hey Henry, let's thank our Henry County teachers for the job that they do teaching our children. Show them the respect and kindness they deserve.

Hey Henry, way to go City of McDonough! You work on bringing adult entertainment to the city while at the same time doing all you can to push a church out of the Square. At least you’ve got your priorities straight.

Hey Henry, thanks to all the good people of the county who are engaged in charitable work. I am not always able to participate first hand, as I'd like to, so I give donations. I want to thank all of you who are out there doing the actual work.

Hey Henry, every house between McDonough to Jonesboro to Lovejoy is sitting on a battlefield. The whole area was a battlefield. Look at your historic town maps and get educated.

Hey Henry, what has happened to the Santas around the community? They are short on hair and beard. Santa should have long hair and beard. Happy Holidays, all!

Hey Henry, Our water rates are going up? During the Great Recession? Are you kidding me?

Hey Henry, for those who feel the McDonough City Hall's new image is bothersome, then do everyone a favor and mail your payment in, or drop it off in the drop box. I am not sure which world you are living in, but the world in which everyone else lives agrees that preventive measures are necessary. By the way, there are more than two employees behind that protective glass.

Hey Henry, I walk into my den and my children are watching a program on Charter Cable about liquor and wine with a commercial showing hard liquor. Thanks Charter. You're providing a real community service for our children.


Hey Henry, give a great gift to your library! Visit the "wishing trees" at any Henry County library and purchase a book off the tree. Your donation can be made in honor of someone you love.

Hey Henry, could the Board of Education give math textbooks back to the students? Taking their books is not helping them achieve.

Hey Henry, a special thanks to the taxpayers of Clayton and Fayette Counties for keeping their libraries open. This Henry County person sure appreciates being able to use them at convenient hours.

Hey Henry, let's go back to "old school" and remember what our momma's and grandmomma's taught us about manners. If it's not yours - don't touch it; ask for permission, not forgiveness; "yes, please"- "no thank you"; hold the door open for those behind you; treat others as you wish to be treated... it's not that hard, really.

Hey Henry, Mary Jane Owen is obviously an old scrooge to make such disparaging comments about Christmas letters in her latest column. I love to receive Christmas letters and appreciate that friends take the time to write about the happenings in their lives and send it in a Christmas card.

Hey Henry, I rarely ride a motorcycle so why should I buy motorcycle insurance? I rarely drive a boat so why should I buy boat insurance? I rarely get sick so why should I buy health insurance?

Hey Henry, Christmas is a time for giving. A Salvation Army employee said over 150 churches in the Southern Crescent were contacted and asked if they could send volunteers to ring the bells around town for the Salvation Army. One church replied no, one replied yes and the others didn't reply. Please don't pass by those red kettles without dropping in something and saying "Thank You" for taking care of those in need this year!

Hey Henry, I hope we have a white Christmas! I just love snow, don't ya'll?

Hey Henry, tell Georgia Power to quit spending millions of dollars each year on meaningless TV and print ads, then perhaps it won’t need so many rate hikes. It's not like their customers have a choice in where they get their electric service. Don't wait until the hikes go into effect, voice your objections to the PSC now.

Hey Henry, to the person commenting about people who drive large gas sucking SUV's, who did not understand how people can afford them. There are still a few people who get up every morning and go to work to earn an honest living instead of waiting for a government hand out.

Hey Henry, I would like to thank the firemen of Station 13 for coming to my house and providing and installing a smoke detector for me. Henry County Firemen are the best!

Hey Henry, if you need help and dial 9-1-1, don't be rude to the operator. Make YOUR emergency and OUR job easier by listening to us and answering our questions. Also, when we ask you to hold are not actually on hold. The operator may be in the process of dispatching fire, EMS, or police to another call. We do several things at once; please be patient. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


Hey Henry, the speed limit on Hwy 81 is 55 mph from the Newton county line until just beyond McDonald's near town. I know that most of the time you can't drive that fast due to traffic congestion, but at 4:30 a.m. there just isn't that much traffic and it's a pain to follow a string of traffic behind someone going 45 mph. Have a heart and speed up. Some of us are trying to get to work in Atlanta. All I'm asking is to do close to the speed limit. Thanks!

Hey Henry, for those who feel City Hall's new image is bothersome then do everyone a favor and mail your payment in or drop it off in the drop off box. I am not sure which world you are living in but the world in which everyone else lives in agrees that preventive measures are necessary. By the way, there are more than two employees behind that protective glass.

Hey Henry, stop ragging on Nash Farm. Every house between McDonough to Jonesboro to Lovejoy is sitting on a battlefield. The whole area was a battlefield. Look at your historic town maps, get educated. Just because someone wants to preserve a piece of it does not make it any less than what it is. At least its not covered with houses 3 feet apart. And by the way, I am a Nash.

Hey Henry, interesting that the TEA Party, that supposedly "racist" organization, has now put more blacks in Congress than have been there in recent history.

Hey Henry, it is not only the teachers who have furlough days, the custodians, office workers, parapros etc. all have 8 days off without pay. Most people do not realize they have not had a raise in 3 years and make about 1/4 the money teachers make.

Hey Henry, I wonder how much McDonough clears off the parking meters after they pay the meter man's salary.

Hey Henry, I know first hand that the lap band really works because my daughter participates in Dr. Gorgala’s lap band program.

Hey Henry, I would just like to know why some people have to always "be a hatin” on people. Is it necessary? Think about it.

Hey Henry, I would like to know if our votes are counted here or are outsourced to another country and who counts them. I don't think anybody has ever thought of that. We vote at electronic ballot boxes, but we don't know where the vote goes. I just wonder if our votes stay in America?

Hey Henry, I am a Henry County Senior Citizen. I lost my purse on Jonesboro Road near McDonough. A wonderful young man returned it to my home and in the stress of losing it and the excitement of having it returned I did not get his complete name. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart and I know that his honesty will prove to be a great thing for him in the future. Thanks so much to a fine young man!

Hey Henry, to the lady in the black truck at the pediatrician's office on Tuesday who signed in 4 kids for one appintment, parked in the handicap parking spot and then left your children there to go get food to eat while you wait, I just want to say it must be nice to not have to follow the rules.

Hey Henry, let's thank our Henry County Teachers for the job that they do teaching our Children. Let's show them the respect and kindness they deserve!

Hey Henry, The protective glass in City Hall is there to protect the employees so get over it!


Hey Henry, you have no idea how much I enjoy reading on the computer what is going on in Henry County. You have so many things that I look forward to reading about out here in Garland, Texas. I get homesick every time I think about McDonough. Please keep doing what you are doing...Mary Ann Barnette

Hey Henry, let's keep the schools open 24/7/365. A lot of households can't afford babysitters.

Hey Henry, it's interesting how you say, "Hey Henry is our own little vent section. Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again." The reason we may never look at life the same way again is because some people are being rude. For example, a few weeks ago, someone posted a vent saying that we shouldn't breathe aka die. Yeah, that's really nice. Not!

Hey Henry, *big girl panties up* ahh... better.

Hey Henry, Henry County Police Department, you are the greatest! What a great job you do. Thanks to all of you, including the support staff. I love Henry County.

Hey Henry, I was shocked when I went to our nice McDonough City Hall and found that ugly glass cage to protect the office that has two people out front. It reminds me of a liquor store on Stewart Ave. Looks to me like someone is paranoid. Our little town image is gone.

Hey Henry, I appreciate learning that "Mack Donna" came before "Mick Dunna". Since language is a living thing, the changing pronunciation may simply mean we are living and growing. Thank goodness! I'll be sure to use "Mick Dunna" from now on.

Hey Henry, “true that” to the different types of restaurants! Love the idea!

Hey Henry, admittedly, it hasn't been a major concern, but in the 18 years I've lived in Henry County I can't remember the libraries being open on Sundays.

Hey Henry, so Georgia Power is about to get yet another rate increase. I think our Public Service Commission should say "NO" every time. Georgia Power can make salary cuts and benefit cuts like every other corporation in this country. Folks, it is time to get mad and start letting elected officials hear from us. When you see this increase on your power bills in Jan. or Feb. let the Public Service Commission know how you feel.

Hey Henry, to the person who is taking the "Mack Donna" comment to be framed at Michaels. Why not take it to Scandinavian Custom Framing on the Square instead? You'd be supporting a local business and you'd save money. Guaranteed!

Hey Henry, "We moved from [fill in the blank] to get away from noise and traffic. Now we want to keep our neighborhood quiet. We don't want any more development near us." I hear this sentiment quite often -- ironically, from the very people who brought the development along with them. "Retail follows rooftops." May I suggest we work to improve development, not prevent it?

Hey Henry, to the lady who said we needed more types of restaurants and different cultures. She must be a shut-in, because right around here in the city limits we have Japanese, Chinese, Caribbean, Italian, Greek and Mexican.

Hey Henry, I want the city to turn the lights off in the new parking deck on the weekends and pave the roads with the money saved. The lights are on 24/7 and I only see one car in there.


Hey Henry, just because you have a family member who has a handicapped parking permit, it doesn't give you the right to use it when the person is not with you.

Hey Henry, I just want to thank the police officer who pulled me over and told me I had no brake or tail lights last Friday. We would have been traveling at night the next day in that car, which could have been very dangerous. There are police who are really there to protect and serve regardless of what many think.

Hey Henry, kudos and bravo to the mastermind behind the "Henry County FAIL Parking" page on Facebook. All you people who are totally inconsiderate when you park your cars beware, as your inconsiderate parking may show up in a photo on the Internet for the whole world to see.

Hey Henry, just want to say how much fun it was seeing the huge cow in our front yard on November 21. Thank you to our neighbors who pulled into the driveway and enjoyed this anomaly with us. Sorry we failed to introduce ourselves; we were just so excited about that beautiful cow.

Hey Henry, for those who get ticketed while shopping on the Square, why not have an appeal procedure in which the ticketed person can show their store and/or restaurant receipts with date and time? Who wouldn't want to park and shop in our town if they had such recourse in case the time in the parking meter runs out? The City could even set a grace period (30, 45 minutes?) past the time of the ticket if the receipts submitted proved patronage in the Square.

Hey Henry, Luella High School has top notch Fine Arts classes, teachers, and activities. The theatre department's production of "OrphanTrains" was outstanding. I was moved by the stories and actually learned something about the history of our nation.

Hey Henry, someone at a local restaurant took the liberty of filling in the tip space for us after we left. The tip was almost as much as the bill was. I didn't think to mark through the tip space with a pen and we left them a big tip in cash. I'm thankful I kept the receipt. Be aware.

Hey Henry, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are upon us. As you plan your parties, dinners, etc. remember there are a lot of lonely, hurting people out there that just need to know they are loved. Reach out and make someone feel cared for. It truly is better to give than receive.

Hey Henry, I say we take all of the computers out of public libraries, period. We don't have an obligation to pay for anybody's internet connections. These libraries are starting to look like internet cafes instead of places to check out books. No wonder we can't afford to keep libraries open anymore!

Hey Henry, well, the cold weather's here and to all those that wanted it to come...guess what? No more home grown tomatoes! Thanks to the tomato man out on Turner Church Road for those delicious tomatoes he grows. They're the best I've ever tasted and I can't wait to buy some more from you next summer....awww, that seems so far away.

Hey, Henry, all you hear these days is furloughs and job cuts. I would like to know, where is all this stimulus money that the counties are supposed to get. Is it going into the pockets of the high paid crooks?


Hey Henry, where was this tough-talking, no-nonsense President Bush during the eight years he was in office?

Hey Henry, thank you, John, for saying so eloquently those things that we want our politicians to understand.

Hey Henry, we desperately need a traffic light on 42 and Locust come over that hill like race cars. We have precious kids on our school buses that make a left from Locust Road onto 42.

Hey Henry, so proud of my alma mater for the love and tribute the HC Warhawk football players extended to Coach Grall’s family at his funeral. They are a fine group of young men – Coach Grall would be proud.

Hey Henry, McDonough City Council elections happen in 2011. Positions pending election are: 1 - CM at large; 1 CM District 3 and 1 CM District 4. Now is the time to watch the process and pay attention to issues that will come to vote. The Council is developing the 2011 Budget and will discuss if a tax increase is appropriate. Everything voted on effects your home, business, your economic growth or your health and welfare. Get involved.

Hey Henry, can we borrow Gwinnett county D.A. Danny Porter and his grand jury to look into some of our county transactions?

Hey Henry, this is to all of you haters. At least some people care enough about their community to want to help improve it.

Hey Henry, from the 2009 deer dad to the two ladies who did not check on my daughter last year after she savagely attacked a deer with her car on Crumbley Road, all is well. The car had a lot of damage but was fixable, However, it is that season, deer, beware. Next time ladies, check on the human.

Hey Henry, the Veterans Day ceremony at the Veterans Wall of Honor in Heritage Park was a wonderful tribute to all who have served, are currently serving, and those who have died to protect the freedoms we enjoy each and every day in this wonderful country. Thanks to everyone involved in making the day so special and thanks again to all of the men and women of our Armed Forces. GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE!

Hey Henry, to the reader who says "let's leave the corner of Hwy 155 and Millers Mill Road alone, "I'll bet you don't own that property. And I'm willing to bet the families that own it have paid property taxes on it for generations. I don't understand why people think they have the right to tell others what to do with their land.

Hey Henry, it's just awful to think that our county is turning into trash like the neighboring counties. McDonough has been on the news almost everyday this past week for recent crimes in the city! Is it too late to take back what has been a quiet peaceful place to live in the past? I hope not. However I will be getting a permit to carry and won’t be a victim next time!

Hey Henry, restaurants of different cultures? Yes, how nice would that be? But, YOU have to SUPPORT them, and that does not mean only going in once a year. People in Henry county don't even seem to appreciate live music, how can you expect them to appreciate different foods.


  Hey Henry, I challenge you to commit a random act of kindness.

  Hey Henry, kudos to the person who wrote that our town's name is pronounced "Mack Donna," not "Mick Dunna." I am actually going to cut out the Hey Henry section, highlight that comment, and take it to Michael's to be framed.

  Hey Henry, I think we should have a few different types of restaurants in Henry County that reflect different cultures from other countries; like German and Indian. You may be surprised and actually like it. In Henry County, we mainly just have plain old American fast food.... not that there is anything wrong with that.

  Hey Henry, please let the reader who lives off Jackson Lake Road and who wishes to thank me for picking up trash along that road know that receiving a fresh clean orange jumpsuit from the county each morning is thanks enough.

  Hey Henry, don't you think it is time to give us our libraries back on Sat. and Sun.? Not every child's household is able to afford a computer and pay for internet services. In this day and age our children need computers for much of their schoolwork.

  Hey Henry, the elections are over, please clean up all of the campaign signs!

  Hey Henry, to the woman at the Lake Dow Publix, when you are walking behind a car that is backing up, and the car is in between two SUVs, it is also your responsibility to make sure the driver sees you. Next time, instead of screaming obscenities, why not try helping them to back out.

  Hey Henry, I'll be glad when this road construction around Flippen and Hudson Bridge is over.

  Hey Henry, ever stop and think, "is it really that big of a deal?" How blessed are we that we have the opportunity to bicker back and forth with one another over such insignificant topics. Have a wonderful week.

  Hey Henry, it is sad that I can't go to the McDonough Walmart without being approached by someone asking for money, fundraising, or just plain begging.  It is really affecting our quality of life here.

  Hey Henry, the closer you ride my bumper, the slower I tend to go. If you are going to run into the back of my car, I want to be going slow enough to make sure I don't die.

  Hey Henry, this past weekend, I witnessed what people are supposed to be like when I attended the Team Maddie Softball/Baseball Tournament at Warren Holder Park. Maddie is 7 years old with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and lives in Ola. Many people braved the cold to spend all weekend at the ballpark raising money for her and raised over $20,000. To witness people working together for a common good cause is so rare these days and although I don't personally know Maddie Briscoe and her family, I LOVED what we all did.

  Hey Henry, all I've got to say is bada-boom, baby!

  Hey Henry, some people really do need to pull their "big girl panties" up... I'm just saying.

Hey Henry, Do we really need a gas station or development at every intersection in the county? Let's leave Miller's Mill and Hwy. 155 alone.


Hey Henry, the well-meaning Future Land Use Map and related zoning restrictions are very frustrating to local property owners, are keeping a lot of local people unemployed, and are suppressing tax revenues in the County. If you believe a property should be "preserved as a rural area," then save your money, buy the property; preserve it as a rural area, and your private property rights will be respected accordingly. 

Hey Henry, if you are sick and coughing and sneezing, I really feel for you. I hope you get better soon. But stay home.

Hey Henry, Mary Jane Owen - Your article was right on!  Oh, if only the young folks of today had the training you and I had.  Honesty and respect for each and every one of us is mandatory.

Hey Henry, just because the southbound lane of Hwy. 42 turns into 2 lanes after you get out of Locust Grove towards Butts County doesn't mean you need to speed up and go 70 mph. It is extremely dangerous just to pull out of Barnes Station subdivision.

Hey Henry, yellow flashing traffic lights ALWAYS mean proceed with caution, NEVER stop.

Hey Henry, a friend of mine put $2 in the Square’s parking meter; She ate at Gritz (spent money) she then went to one of the shops that sells the handbags (spent money). Most people like to browse and take their time when shopping and the meters are unforgiving. We need a city ordinance that states $2.00 max and if your time expires you must show a receipt from one of the local shops to be forgiven by the Greed Monkey who thought it was a good idea to install these useless meters. Or we can run on down to the big box stores and let the Square remain as a ghost town.

Hey Henry, I live off Jackson Lake Road and want to thank the person who always walks down that road picking up trash everyday. If you see him next time, thank him for keeping our road clean.

Hey Henry for the last 2 weeks someone has had something to say about our teachers. To the one who said they needed to pull up their big girl panties, that was not a nice thing to say. The reason they say anything about the furlough days is because that is money they can use for the kids in their classes. I don't know where the parents think that money comes from...  You might be shocked if you knew what was spent to make sure the children had what they needed in class and for special occasions. I will say that I can't believe that, at a school that has over 600 students, the teachers all had to work the Fall Festival because they couldn't get enough parents to help.

Hey Henry, I wish folks would quit licking their fingers before picking something up, and then handing it to me.  I’m just saying....

Hey Henry, I hate to disappoint the people who think you can fake a moon landing, kill a president or a princess, or bring down two skyscrapers without anyone finding out. Henry County’s conspiracy nuts can always explain away mountains of evidence, (that disproves their own theories). It's funny now how their actions have exposed them as being the actual conspiracy.

Hey Henry, this "whiney" teacher would also be ok with 2 furlough days but the 8 we'll actually have are a lot.  I'd like the writer to spend a day in my classroom and then tell me I'm paid too much.


Hey Henry, I think the Henry Players should do the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” as one of their next musicals.

Hey Henry, those of us who grew up here know that our town's name is pronounced "Mack Donna," not "Mick Dunna."

Hey Henry, we at the Veterans Wall of Honor Preservation Committee would like to thank everyone who set up and came out to shop at the Huge Yard Sale at Heritage Park. It made the day a success for the upkeep of the Wall.

Hey Henry, I was saddened to hear the 'not guilty' verdict by the jurors in Henry County regarding the death of young Ryan Gilliam last year. Did our DA lose the case, or is no one held responsible for their actions anymore. Ryan was buried, and the man on trial went home to his family. What happened?

Hey Henry, why do you change your baby's diaper and throw it down in the parking lot? I can't believe you are that lazy.

Hey Henry, I'm so sick of hearing teachers complain about furlough days. Do they think they are the only ones affected by today's economy? We are all being hit hard! You don't hear other people complaining all the time about taking pay cuts and no pay increases for the past three years. I'd be glad to take a day or two without pay. Put on your big girl pants and deal with it.

Hey Henry, it could be worse, you could live in Clayton County.

Hey Henry, let's keep Kelleytown and the rest of Henry County clean and beautiful.

Hey Henry, kudos to the motorists who got out of their cars after a big storm and removed a tree that had fallen across Jonesboro Road, opening the road again. I'm a senior was not able to help. That's citizenship in action.

Hey Henry, the word SPLOST has a "T" on the end. Not an "H". Quit saying SPLOSH! You're driving me crazy.

Hey Henry, the house on Jonesboro Road in McDonough looks awesome. The person who isn't in the Halloween spirit should drive another way if he doesn’t like it. There are lots of us who do!

Hey Henry, I found a seashell in my yard. According to "Nash Farm Logic," that makes my yard a beach, right?

Hey Henry, what a beautiful day on the McDonough Square for the chili cook off. However, I was very hurt when someone stole my Minolta Digital Camera. It had a card full of pictures that cannot be replaced. I am praying that the person who took the camera would find it in their heart to return the card from the camera to The Next Level Church. You can just mail the card without a return address to The Next Level Church 4030 East Lake Parkway McDonough, GA 30253.

Hey Henry, I have the utmost respect for our senior citizens, however, just being over the age of 65 does not give you the right to park in the handicapped spot.

Hey Henry, I want to thank the lady who feeds the cats at the Provisions BP station off of Highway 20. We need more people in the world like her. She takes time out of her day and money out of her pocket to feed animals in need.

Hey Henry, in response to the "transplanted northerners" who can go back to where they came from. Why would we want to? We are considered geniuses here.


Hey Henry, we are so glad the dangerous and, dare I say, moronic, intersection at Hwy. 81 and Lake Dow Rd. is FINALLY being addressed.

Hey Henry, yep, I sure am proud of my gas-guzzling SUV. Ain't it pretty?

Hey Henry, we need to rid our beautiful city of all of the "panhandlers" asking for money at every intersection by our retail stores. Although many are good causes.....many are not...

Hey Henry, Son of a Greek Pizza has good honest people working there. If you have a chance stop by. They returned a very special ring that I thought I had lost forever. Thank you!

Hey Henry, as a teacher I was offended when asked to put ourselves in the students' shoes. Put yourself in our shoes; we spend our own money for supplies, absorb furlough days which shorten the school year, pay increased insurance costs, deal with larger class sizes, all with little or no support from parents. Try looking in the mirror and see what you can do. Provide supplies for your child. Do homework and study WITH them. Address discipline at home--don't put it off on others. Teachers work many hours before and after the school day to provide the best education possible for each student. I, personally, teach 140 students and it is unrealistic to expect us to develop individual lessons for each student.

Hey Henry, the code enforcement in this county needs to get their act together. I put up my yard sale signs, only to be told they couldn't be put within so many feet of the road, yet they are all over every road in the county. I put my signs up after you passed thru my area, and guess what- I took mine down in a timely manner. If you want to give out citations, give it to the owners of the signs that are up 3 days after their yard sale is over. Don't penalize the responsible residents who are just trying to make a little extra money.

Hey Henry, if someone told you to jump off a bridge, would you? No! So, breathe in, breathe out, and repeat.

Hey Henry, maybe if all you "Hey Henry" haters quit knocking people, we could have a more peaceful community, a community where people want others to breathe.

Hey Henry, why do my kids have to be terrified every time we drive past 92 Jonesboro Road just outside of the Square? When did Halloween become about decorating your yard with zombies, severed limbs, and decapitated heads. Have some consideration for the small children who have to drive by your house every day.

Hey Henry, you know what really aggravates me? When someone doesn't take up their "yard/garage sale" signs. I have driven many miles following signs only to reach a dead end - either they have already closed for the day or the sale was the previous weekend. Please be considerate to others.

Hey Henry, if the Henry County Board of Education is not really awarding kids at their monthly meetings for going to state level or beyond on their projects they should take it off of their webpage.

Hey Henry, to all the transplanted Northerners down here who think the South is slow, stupid, etc. - the road that brought you down from that "great" place you came from is still open for you to return back up there! Goodbye.

Hey Henry, thanks to all the employees, patrons, and Henry County EMS who helped my husband when he became ill at the South Point JC Penney. It really showed that there are still caring people in our world. My husband is doing fine.


 Hey, Henry, does everyone in Henry County own a gas sucker (SUV)? Everytime I turn around or park somewhere, there is a SUV right beside me. I can't even see to back out of the parking lot. They say that the economy is bad, but you could have fooled me because everyone owns these expensive vehicles and how people afford to put gas in these gas suckers is beyond my comprehension.

Hey Henry, those of us zoned for Luella High School are tired of all the bad assumptions about our school. Before you throw your stones, how about talking to some parents and students and find out about all the GOOD things that are happening. The administration, faculty, and staff are top notch and the student body rocks!

Hey Henry, how about those restaurant health inspectors. I understand the importance of keeping a healthy, clean restaurant, but most of the point deductions aren't even food related. A crack under the back door, the cashier's bangs are too long, an employee has a drink sitting on a table without a top on it, and so on. It's gotten out of hand. And the bad thing is that the public doesn't see this, they just see the score. I wonder how many Health Inspectors we will need when there are no more restaurants in Henry County.

Hey Henry, if you're a politician, and make a four-year commitment to the voters, then quit after two years because a better offer came along, don't expect me to vote for you again.

Hey Henry, the best reasons to vote no to the ballot question about the Redevelopment Powers Act: bigger government and more debt. It's borrowing money and someone else dodges taxes to pay it back. Debt is not wealth or recovery!

Hey Henry, I would like for the coaches at Dutchtown High School to use some discretion. Coaches should set the standard for their players. This coach used language inappropriate for twenty-five Color Guard girls to hear as they sat on the field waiting for halftime. Get it together guys.

Hey Henry, please remember the families of the two Henry County School students whose lives were lost last week. One was a freshman from HCHS and one was a senior from LGHS. Remember their peers who are going to school daily missing their friends.

Hey Henry, I love the new light at Bethany and Highway 81; I just don't understand why turn lights were not installed. What's up with that?

Hey Henry, maybe if all you “Hey Henry” complaining people stopped breathing for a little bit all your problems will just go away. (Ed. note: now, that’s just a bit harsh, don’t you think?)

Hey Henry, today, when my children came home from school, I asked them what they learned and they told me apparently not enough, because they told them they had to come back tomorrow.

Hey Henry, speak for yourself when you say we don't want a Kroger on 81. I do want the Kroger and can't wait until they build.

Hey Henry, what is it with people these days? Sir or Ma’am, just because you have a big belly does not make you eligible for the pregnant/ new mother parking spot at the grocery store.

Hey Henry, I don’t mean to offend anyone; but, teachers, it would help greatly if you could put yourself in each of your students places and see if you think that you are providing an environment that is conducive to maximum individual learning. You may be surprised at what you find. Thank you.


Hey Henry, I am 13 years old and I live in Clayton County. I’d just like to say that I love your newspaper, it interests me and I appreciate what you guys post on there. Keep up the good work, and remember, write Hey Henry, because Clayton County doesn't!

Hey Henry, this is to folks turning from Wynn Drive onto Hwy 81: Please stop at the stop sign! I almost rear-ended someone on a rainy day because a white car didn't even slow down for the stop sign when he turned in front of me. I've watched the past 2 weeks and I personally haven't seen one person stop at that sign. Stop signs are there to protect everyone!

Hey Henry, it seems like every room in the County buildings are painted a different color! What I want to know is that for every color there must be a partially filled bucket laying around... seems like a waste to me. Why not use a few colors that can be used up instead of wasting the taxpayer dollars on each person’s likes? Who is paying the bill anyway? Oh, that’s right.... I am!

Hey Henry, it is truly amazing to me that a shy child is not allowed to read in class, because their voice is not loud enough!

Hey, Henry, if you think the economy is that bad, go to Tanger Outlet Mall on Saturday and Sunday. You cannot find a parking place and people are driving brand new cars and coming out of the stores with four or five bags full of merchandise.

Hey Henry, how ya doin'? (Ed. - we’re fine, thanks. And you?)

Hey Henry, why is the Board of Commissioners so against updating and adding more content to a code of ethics? What are they afraid of? I have read the document presented by the citizens group and there is nothing in there that any of the BOC should be concerned with - unless they have been breaking the code!!

Hey Henry, while I understand some might not want to read anything negative...this is a "vent" and sometimes it does us good to do just that. Sorry, you sound like a very nice person and we still love you!

Hey Henry, I just need to express how much inconsiderate and lazy people upset me. If you don't own it, don't use it - or at least ask before you do so. If you live in a house with a lawn, cut it!

Hey Henry, why don't they go ahead and repave Lawrenceville Street in McDonough. Curbs are in, digging up the street has been completed and the street is in horrible condition.

Hey Henry, it's really a shame that over the years we have lost so much of our county's historic resources. But in June, Nash Farm was recognized by the American Battlefield Protection Program of the National Park Service as being in the "core" part of the battlefield. Thank you, Henry County for unselfishly preserving a significant part of our history for future generations!

Hey Henry, the “no call” list should include politicians. When I signed up for it, it meant I did not want to be called by anybody! For the politicians that have called my number constantly for weeks, I wouldn't vote for you now if my life depended on it!

Hey Henry, for some reason it just rubs me the wrong way to see the metermaid/man parking in the McDonough Square for free while he issues tickets to the other violators. Why can't he park behind the courthouse? Looks like a revenue opportunity missed.


Hey Henry, Sandra Vincent wields a powerful pen. In her article, REMEMBER on September 15, she said all the things all of us should have said. Thank you, Ms. Vincent, for saying it so well and so beautifully. Well done!

Hey Henry, I have lived on Hwy 155 North right outside the City limits since I was twelve years old. The traffic is so bad I can hardly get out of my driveway. I have come close to being hit two or three times. You people that have to go out 155, please don’t speed up after you pass the City limits and don’t throw your trash in my ditch.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to Mr. Eugene Gibbs for bringing attention to a much needed council meeting about utility fuel adjustment charges in the city of Hampton. The meeting on Sept. 21 had a great turn out and the community of Hampton had a lot of questions, concerns. Hopefully the City Council members and Mayor will work with the community to find a solution to some of the problems brought up at the meeting.

Hey Henry, No Deal! That's all I've got to say.

Hey Henry, I absolutely love the "crazy schedule" the schools are on. Vacation spots are not nearly as crowded in September, and it's still warm enough to swim! The balanced calendar is the best thing for our family.

Hey Henry, where are all the people who need jobs? I have called five places to get shrubs pruned in the yard and no one has returned my calls.

Hey Henry, to the reader who is too cheap to pay parking fees to patronize local merchants on the Square - the Grinch really has stolen your Christmas! By the way - there is a free lot one block from the Square and a free parking structure about two blocks from the Square.

Hey Henry, rain is a rarity, not an emergency. Don't turn on your emergency flashers just because it's raining, but DO turn on your headlights. It's the law.

Hey Henry, I love you! (Ed. note - Right back at you and keep them coming.)

Hey Henry, why isn't the new road between Jonesboro Road and Highway 42 open? The road and stop lights are finished, so what are you waiting for? We need to use it NOW!

Hey Henry, thank you to everyone so far who have donated one dollar for the upkeep of the Veterans Wall of Honor at Heritage Park. This will continue till Nov. 11, Veterans Day.

Hey Henry, does anyone know a good time to take my recycle stuff to the Henry County Recycle Center? The last three times I have gone, every container is overflowing and I have brought mine back home. I would save myself gas money if I just threw it all away!

Hey Henry, to the person who Henryed about loose cats - Henry County's "leash law" DOES cover cats as well as dogs! If you have a problem with cats coming into your yard, call the Animal Care and Control Department.

Hey Henry, if you want to see outstanding young adults you should attend a Henry County School Cross Country event. The meet at Nash Farm was attended by a couple of hundred healthy, well-disciplined students from the mid-Georgia area.


Hey Henry, I know the Downtown McDonough merchants want our business, but why should I pay for parking and risk getting a ticket when I can park for free at the big box store? Sorry McDonough Merchants, looks like it's going to be another Wally World Christmas!

Hey Henry, The residents voted no to SPLOST? No, we did not. We overwhelmingly voted against a $256 million bond issue to build ten new schools. Get your facts before begging for another tax increase.

Hey Henry, why is it that our hard-core prisoners get free legal help, free education, free gyms etc. when our military can't get tents in Afghanistan after being there 2 months? Why not send those hard-core prisoners over there and bring our soldiers home where they will be safe?

Hey Henry, To The Times: thanks for bringing some humor to us all. Some Hey Henry Venters are dumber than rocks about whatever it is making them Vent, and they call you a joke?

Hey Henry, to the cast, crew and everyone associated with this past weekend's production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" by the Henry Players - BRAVO! To those of you who did not have the opportunity to see the play, you missed a wonderful show. Having seen the Broadway production years ago, all of you involved with the show would have made the original cast members proud. Thank you for a great couple of hours of entertainment!

Hey Henry, why, since we built the new City Hall in Stockbridge, (hideous by the way) are they adding on to the old one? I thought they had to build the new one because they ran out of room. There cannot possibly be that many employees in the City of Stockbridge. What is the old building going to be used for? I just feel there are so many other things that our taxes can pay for.

Hey Henry, when will people realize that the proposed community center/mosque in NYC is NOT being built at Ground Zero nor the site of the 9/11 tragedy, but a few blocks away in a commercial area already containing a deli, an off-track betting site, several strip joints, an 'adult' lingerie store, and a book store devoted to 'mysteries' among others? Let's stop the fear-mongering, ok?

Hey Henry, we don’t want a Kroger on 81. Prices are ridiculous even more than Publix.

Hey Henry, NOBAMA......That’s all I gotta say.

Hey Henry, to the thugs that broke into our pasture and stole the motorcycle and 4-wheeler out of our barn; the least you could have done is close the pasture gate when you left so we didn't have to spend the next morning chasing our horses up and down the road.

Hey Henry, maybe I'm in the minority, but I strongly dislike the music piped onto the Square. It's too loud and if you're trying to have a quiet conversation on the benches, you can't hear the person next to you. Anyway, with the traffic noises, it's loud enough!

Hey Henry, the pine oil truck fire occurred at the Clorox facility that is transferring that facilities' operation to Henry less than 500 feet from the front doors of homes. Sorry, Lil Lamb, while you are correct in that it could happen anywhere, it’s more likely to happen at the facility. Enjoy the millions.

Hey, Henry, I know there is no leash law for cats, but I surely do wish folks would keep theirs at home and away from my bird feeders! I feel like we’re providing a baited field for cats. Can we shoot ‘em?


Hey Henry! To the parent complaining about the lack of textbooks. NO - the budget DOESN'T contain enough money for them. But don't worry--we won't raise your taxes to pay for new ones!

Hey Henry, how about widening the road on South Laney Road. This is ridiculous. Horse and buggy days have been over for years!

Hey Henry, what do the folks that drive in Henry County around the Square in McDonough don't understand about Take Gap-Give Gap? Its pretty simple, don't you think?

Hey Henry, elementary schools can't pay for anything, even textbooks, because leaders in Georgia think getting kickbacks from developers is more important than properly funding the public school system. They laid tons of people off, and you have the nerve to ask for textbooks. They increased class sizes. They cut programs. The residents voted no to SPLOST. What else can they do? If you don't care enough to call out the leaders for cutting these funds, then don't expect anything to get better.

Hey Henry, that was not a fire at the Clorox plant. It was a fire on the pine oil truck. That could have happened anywhere!

Hey Henry, the person complaining about our new school superintendent knows little about him. Too bad - he's a great choice. And the "crazy schedule?" We who teach- LOVE it, and we love the first sane decision the BOE has made in years!

Hey Henry, I pay county taxes which I thought went to parks, recreation facilities, etc. If this is true then why are the Henry County homeowners along with the rest of Henry county's residents charged such a high fee to use these facilities? I would like to hear what our elected officials have to say about this.

Hey Henry, Thanks to Commissioner Holder for standing up for the southern end of the county in the recent Commission Meeting. It is time for us to reap some benefits like the north part of the county. We are still eating dust south of the prestigious Eagles Landing Parkway.

Hey Henry, If you think Hey Henry is too negative, you should see the vents I send in that they refuse to print! It is "our own little place to vent" for a reason. Go read the funnies if you want to laugh!

Hey Henry, where has Bonnie Bergman been? Miss her columns. They are so light and funny.

Hey Henry, why am I being charged a fuel adjustment fee on my utilities bill each month? While I love living in Hampton, I feel the City Of Hampton doesn't love me. No matter how I try to conserve my energy usage each month, the City adds almost half on to my bill (fuel adj fee) and then taxes it too! Anyone know what this fuel adjustment charge is for?

Hey Henry, I need help finding my lost cat. Her name is Julianne, 13 years old, declawed, tortoise shell in color, green eyes and wearing a green collar. She is an indoor cat that got out in the area of Iris Lake Road between Racetrack and King Mill roads. If you find her please care for her and post a "Hey Henry" back to me please.

Hey Henry, If you are running for school board you should have some real life experiences to offer and not rely only on your daddy's experiences. (Henry Co. Times, is that vague enough for you? I have tried to submit this three times, but I guess since it had your beloved Steve Davis' name in it you would not print it.) This is why you are a joke of a newspaper! Ed. note - Thanks. We’re just glad we can bring some humor into your life.


Hey Henry, why has this become such a negative column? Why can't we be positive and love what we have instead of complaining about what we don't have or think is wrong? I want to challenge you. For at least one week lets post nothing but good things to “Hey Henry!” Who's with me?

Hey Henry, why does the Special Needs people of this county have to practice softball on Sunday afternoon because there are no fields available to practice on during the week. Who had the brilliant idea to tear up all the fields at Windy Hill Park so a bunch of good ole boys can race their lawnmowers? Who is the big brain behind this decision?

Hey Henry, I was wandering if they could have moved the parking deck a little bit farther away from the square? I have to admit it was a good idea !

Hey Henry, to the dude looking at the statue in the square.....why does everything have to do with "us poor black people." Get over it. I'm black and that just doesn't cut it anymore!

Hey Henry, would you oppose a Christian church at Ground Zero? I didn't think so. Any religion looking to capitalize on 9/11 is motivated by the devil, not God.

Hey Henry, show Decatur and their book fair and Suwanee and theirs that Henry County can stand up and be counted. We are as literate as they are, and more.

Hey Henry, just wanted to say I love the music on the square.....great idea!

Hey Henry, first we're told "New County e-ticketing program will save us money" and that it reduces the ticketing process way, way down from ten minutes for a carbon ticket and THEN we're told "The State Court of Henry County will assess a 50 cent convenience fee" for each traffic citation processed.” Which is it - are we paying to save money? Where do the rest of the savings go?

Hey Henry, my husband and I would like to thank the Henry County Sheriff officer who stopped to offer his help on Oak Street. He thought our vehicle was broken down at the side of the road, but, we were trying to rescue a small dog who had been missing. The officer was kind enough to monitor traffic while we tried to round up the very dehydrated and scared dog. Thank you so much for stopping and caring.

Hey Henry, what happened to the days when the leaders of “youth groups” such as scouts, football, baseball, school teams, churches etc. taught kids self-reliance and service by organizing fund raising activities that offered a service to the community or a seasonal commodity for sale. Nowadays the leaders load up the children, head to the nearest Wal-Mart and encourage them to panhandle the public for the monies they desire.

Hey Henry, this is not your grandfather's school system! We have moved past relying on textbooks to teach students. We now use more creative and innovative ways to teach students today. You will find teachers using a variety of different methods to make learning fun and relevant for our kids today.

Hey Henry, the Board of Commissioners wanted to cut the cost of take home cars. No one lost their cars, but four people in the Fire Department did. Is that fair?

Hey Henry, I believe in miracles! Thank you to Gina, Susan, and Pam for finding one of my most treasured items that was temporarily wedding ring. God truly does answer prayer!


Hey Henry, someone needs to seriously check into what that smell is in the library in Stockbridge.

Hey Henry, hope all the commissioners that voted for the warehouse on King Mill Rd. got a chance to see the Clorox plant fire on TV. Welcome to your future.

Hey Henry, to the person who is misinformed regarding the newly appointed school superintendent. Check your facts, as previously recorded in this paper. Dr. Hildreth's children are not home schooled. While they were at one time, they were sufficiently prepared such that his son graduated from ELHS last year and is currently attending Georgia Tech. We should all hope to raise such bright children! Way to go, BOE for your wise decision.

Hey Henry, hate to break it to you, but that chicken biscuit you ordered is not pure chicken any more than that bologna you bad mouthed is a pork chop!

Hey Henry, ethics regulations for the BOC? Rules only reinforce an honest person's behavior. Like locks keep honest people honest. The problem with our BOC is living and acting by the principles they preach. Tar & feathers may serve as a good reminder.

Hey Henry, why do the elementary schools no longer use textbooks to teach grammar and math along with other subjects? Are we that broke that we have to buy the schools supplies, but they can’t splurge a dime to buy textbooks to teach my child? It would be much simpler to help study with my child if I knew what the teacher was teaching in class.

Hey Henry, Facebook may cost some Henry County employees their jobs. They have been warned but they did not listen.

Hey Henry, fried bologna biscuits are something many of us grew up with. Spam can also be fried or served right out of the can. Neither may suit the palate of folks who only eat the choice cuts.

Hey Henry, what's going on at the BOC? One set of minutes said "physical year" rather than "fiscal year" and also "the dog was rabbitt" rather than "the dog was rabid". Someone needs to proof those minutes before they are put in the County record.

Hey Henry, to the guy in line at Hardees. I was raised eating fried bologna sandwiches and biscuits. They are delicious. Anyway, who decided that chicken was a breakfast food?

Hey Henry, I was on the Square tonight and heard the music on the Square. Job, well done. It was very relaxing and loved watching my little kids dance and sing. Thanks, City Council and Tourism Board.

Hey Henry, what's it going to take to have something done about the horrid septic smell in the library in Stockbridge. It's getting worse every day! Can't be healthy for patrons or employees.

Hey Henry, to the person who flew past my son's bus as he was getting off on Coan Dr. (on 8/16), if you can't see those lights you shouldn't be driving, and if you hit a child, you'll never forgive yourself. Stop for the buses folks!

Hey Henry, you should not wait until 9/11 to show your appreciation for your local fire department. During this horrible time of budget cuts and downsizing, the fire department is often hit the hardest. These men and women are there 24/7 to protect you, your family, and your belongings. A furlough day for you might be 8 hours but for them it is 24 hours of pay when they are already paid very little. Stop by your local fire department and let them know how much you appreciate them. A kind word can mean the world.


Hey Henry, this morning I thanked my hens for not having their eggs recalled.

Hey Henry, the new superintendent of schools appointee in Henry County home schooled his children and we’re supposed to trust him to educate ours? Another brilliant move from our school board whose chairman lives in Florida and gave us this crazy schedule we now operate on.

Hey Henry, I would like to point out that while everyone is complaining about jobs and so forth., how about us seniors on social security and living alone. We don’t get raises anymore and our food, taxes, gas and everything have gone up. It is really getting hard to live from one month to the next. Just a concerned senior.

Hey Henry, to the person in the August 11 issue of the Times who was sitting on the Square staring at the statue and complaining about it. Maybe, instead of looking at the statue you should try looking for a job. Good Luck.

Hey Henry, it was so nice to see two young men being gentlemen and letting two young ladies get onto bus #62-1 first today at the stop on Hwy 81 and Mayo Road. I hope they keep up this fine example and, even though the parents may not have seen this kind act, I did. You can never tell when someone is watching.

Hey Henry, I know what's wrong with the world today. Nobody wants to get up and go to work. Nobody has any volition anymore.

Hey Henry, I would like to say thank you to Scott, the gentleman who stopped to help me when I ran out of gas Thursday on Eagles Landing Parkway. He very kindly pushed my car out of the street and happened to have some gas on his van. I truly appreciate this act of kindness.

Hey Henry, we would enjoy a bridge or decking (with rules) over the preserves on Hudson Bridge Road. A sidewalk leading to already established parking would also be nice. The ecology would give the schools a great local and creative learning outlet, not to mention using it for family time.

Hey Henry, yes, school has started back and of course there is more traffic. Everyone please take a couple of extra seconds and be careful. So glad Officer George wasn't hurt more seriously yesterday in an accident that could have been tragic. He's a great friend and a great cop and we love him! So glad the other person wasn't hurt either. Get well soon, George!

Hey Henry, I have lived on Hwy 155N right outside the city limits since I was twelve years old. The traffic is so bad I can hardly get out of my driveway. I have come close to being hit 2 or 3 times. Please don’t speed up after you pass the city limits and don’t throw your trash in my ditch.

Hey Henry, to the woman in the black Yukon XL in the Ola Elementary car rider line, if you want to be first in line why don't you try getting there the earliest. The rest of us were there thirty minutes before you shoved your way to the front. You should have been taught in kindergarten to take your turn.

Hey Henry, a guy in front of me in the Hardee’s drive-thru this morning asked if they had fried bologna biscuits. I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I heard that. Dude, it’s 7 a.m.! Get a chicken biscuit or something normal!


Hey Henry, the article by Melissa Robinson, "Threads of Love” was wonderful. We are especially thankful for having the opportunity to read the article since our very dear friend, Susan Bowers, is a charter member of “Threads of Love.”

Hey Henry, I think the ethics regulations for the Board Of Commissioners are way overdue...

Hey Henry, I am sure everyone is wondering why we don't have the Kroger on Hwy. 81. It is because the county hasn't fixed Racetrack Rd. like they said they would. There has to be a stop light there before the store can come in. Come on Henry County, this is a "horrible"intersection with or without a grocery store!

Hey Henry, to the person who found the Confederate Monument so tacky and distasteful, I feel it only worthwhile to remind them that Highway 42 runs both North and South, and that Delta is ready whenever you are! A monument can mean most good or bad to anyone. It's our right to free speech that we all fight for everyday.

Hey Henry, to the parents that have to drop off and pick up their kids at school, please show a little common courtesy to the crossing guards. They are there to do a job that helps keep our kids safe. It makes no sense to verbally abuse these men and women, this only sets a bad example for everyone's children.

Hey Henry, if you're so disgusted and insulted by the history of the state/area, that you chose to live in, then please feel free to move.

Hey Henry, to the person who said they "loathe and detest it" (the Confederate statue on the square); May I suggest that you stop sitting in the park and looking at it? Maybe you will feel better. You are not likely to change the fact that the statue is there and will more than likely remain there. Your rantings will probably only cause more answers like the one I am giving to your poorly described reasons for "loathing it."

Hey Henry, a very special thank you to Officer P. Pressly and Detective Stotts for the fine work you did this week. My good friend's granddaughter stole her car and bank card. These two policemen were very concerned for my friend's well being and the safety issue for her granddaughter as well. They kindly kept my friend informed and were swift and relentless in following all leads. Sad she had to go to jail, but she is out of harm's way. Thank you Henry County Police for a job well done!

Hey Henry, ever since you said it, I can't un-see the ugliness of that statue on the square. Jebediah Springfield it ain't!

Hey Henry, it's an insult to all police, fire, EMS and military personnel to construct that Mosque at the site of the 9/11 incident. I know politicians allow some stupid things to go through at times, but did all of the ones who approved that smoke crack that morning? Come on folks, realize who put you in office and start thinking for us instead of against us ! Look at the polls---we're slowly but surely voting all of you out. And there is a reason!

Hey Henry, the eighth annual Mr. and Miss Special Henry County Pageant was an awesome experience! A lot of tears and smiling faces! Congrats to all the winners.

Hey Henry, I wish the city council of Stockbridge would get over their buddy losing his Mayorship by the people voting him out. Get on with business and work with the new Mayor or the people will speak again next election for city council. The people of Stockbridge deserve better than this.


Hey Henry, I believe it was Mark Twain who commented, “There is nothing as irritating as a good example.” That must explain why I like the Hey Henry so much!

Kudos to officer W. Barnett of the McDonough PD. My truck was stolen at 1:23 a.m. I reported it at 1:29 a.m. and within 15 minutes he had the truck at my door and the perps in hand. He did it single handed. He’s got to be the best officer in McDonough and possibly the best in the world.

Hey Henry, I have been running (jogging) Hwy. 42 between Eagles Landing and the Square since 2002. There is a car that passes me almost every morning between 3:40 a.m. and 4 a.m. It’s a black SUV and as he/she passes me he/ she gives me a gentle two honks of the horn. I know this is a sign he/ she is saying hey to me and sending me encouragement. Thanks to this person for being so kind to do this, it makes my day! Even with head phones on I know the sound of this car. Would love to know this kind person.

Hey Henry, what’s the deal with Peeksville Road? Did we run out of money for asphalt? I wonder if these tax-paying residents enjoy eating all that dust?

Hey Henry, you know the little White house on 81 - the one there by the feed store. It added a whole bunch of parking places. Well, it’s going to be a used car lot - not what we need here.

Hey Henry, thank you Henry County Library System for the fun magic show to start off the summer reading program! But please use the big, new, spacious room and don't try to fit the whole county in that little room in the front. Isn't that why we have the addition?

Hey Henry, Amen to the person that wrote in to get Mt. Bethel Road off Hwy 81 paved. While they are paving down there…..could they please pave the upper end of Sandy Ridge Road? You have to ride in the resident’s yards just to keep cars going in the opposite directions from colliding.

Hey Henry, the parking meters around McDonough Square are a detriment to encouraging shoppers to have lunch and stroll around. It's hurting the businesses that are trying to be successful. If nothing else, they should put a 4 hour limit on them (presently 2 hours). Some of my customers have complained that they can't even sit down for a leisurely meal without running out to the meter! I've had others tell me that they have quit shopping the Square because of the aggravation of the meters.

Hey Henry, in light of the AMS announcement that there will be only one NASCAR race yearly beginning 2011, I hope that the Henry County BOC passes a unanimous resolution at the next meeting to change the name of Bruton Smith Parkway to “Thanks for Nothing Parkway” since he has turned his back on us, and done away with a lot of jobs and tax revenue for Henry County.

Hey Henry, after sitting on a bench on the Square and studying the Confederate statue, I've decided that I loathe and detest it and everything it stands for. My reasons are that it's ugly, obviously made assembly-line ... it looks like a molded-concrete lawn ornament; it's not even accurate, except for the rifle-musket, all the figure's clothes and equipment are from the Spanish-American War; and it glorifies as bad a cause as has ever been, a disastrous, futile war we should have been smart enough to avoid, fought to preserve a hideous system which still poisons our society; and it's a continuing insult to our black population. ... a more realistic statue would show a slave being whipped or a freedman being burned at the stake.


Hey Henry, the evil, sadistic man who privately humiliates his employees every Friday morning stooped so low to publicly humiliate one last week. It's time he knew that Karma comes for all!

Hey Henry, forget about trying to get the OHS Marching Mustangs sent to London. Tonight after their practice the band found out that THE TRIP GOT APPROVED! So every Friday night go watch them and go to their competitions especially October 30th at the Georgia Dome for the Bands Of America competition! Congrats OHS for all your hard work it pays off in the end.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to give a great big THANK YOU to my husband Ben, who is always there for me no matter how much of a pain I am (sometimes).... Luv you, Tu Gorda

Hey Henry, to the lady that saw me stop for the Geese. I stop for the Geese for two reasons: 1. If I hit them it will damage my vehicle. 2. It's against the law to intentionally kill the nasty stinking things. If you don't think they are nasty and stinking, just wait until 50 of them take up residency in your backyard!

Hey Henry, just a quick lesson in life - when you're loyal to an employer and are dismissed, it's an extra slap in the face when they try to keep you from collecting your rightfully earned unemployments benefits until a new job can be secured. Be nice and play fair. It could be you or your family member who is unemployed. Just try to respect your fellow man. Even if you think you're smarter than they are.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about a Realtor not driving you around in their car to look at homes. It's a safety precaution that must be taken in the world we live in now. You may be a very trustworthy person but, not everyone is and it is one of the ways we can protect ourselves. We already have to take precautions when showing homes. People have been known to set up showings with agents just to get them out to a house while the other person will be there waiting on them to get there and rob, rape or kill them or the homeowner(s)... or all of the above! Please try to see it from our point of view. It's unfortunate that we can't trust people as much as we used to.

Hey Henry, I thought people were doing "staycations," guess not, everyone I call is on vacation out of state, seems folks still have plenty of the green stuff.

Hey Henry, The blame for the kids not passing the CCRTs is shared - budget cuts, crowded classrooms, uncaring teachers, and parents who aren't helping their child at home. The kids deserve better.

Hey Henry, PARENTS, PLEASE put a little sun hat on your babies/toddlers head when you're out during the day. Do you not realize how harmful the strong sun can be to them?

Hey Henry, would someone please tell me when people work. I am retired and everytime I go into a store or restaurant in the daytime they are full. I find it difficult to shop for basic needs these days.

Hey Henry, It is a shame that the people who are working in the Square and trying to make it a better place are finding it harder and harder to find parking. The space between the Welcome Center and the Chafin Building is now being rented for $30.00 a month.


Hey Henry, we just spent a week at Shingleroof Campground (off Campground Road in McDonough) for the annual "camp meeting." We want to offer our sincere gratitude to the Henry County Sheriff's Reserve officers who so patiently and thoroughly patrolled the area during this time. We walked our three dogs as late as 11:00 at night and always felt safe. Thanks, again, Henry County.

Hey Henry, realtors need to learn to give some customer service, it has been years since one has actually taken me in their vehicle to look at a home.

Hey Henry, please let me know the identity of the local official who wants to demolish Toby Springs so that I can vote for him in any and all coming elections!

Hey Henry, please ask the Board of Education why they won't approve a trip to London by the Ola High School Marching Band. The band has been invited to march in the New Years Day parade in 2012. The entire trip would be paid for by the students-not cost the school board or the taxpayers a dime-yet the BOE thinks it will make the county school system look bad. How can one of our schools being invited to participate in such a prestigious event make the county look bad?

Hey Henry, I’m so tired of hearing about Obama's golf outings, basketball games, and vacations! Another one scheduled for August on the Gulf Coast. Good photo op I guess. No wonder our country is not improving. He never works!

Hey Henry, it does my heart good to see drivers stopping to let a family of geese cross a four-lane road.

Hey Henry, just because I leave my job for does not mean that I want to stop by a fast food place and get your lunch. Go get it yourself...why should I spend up to 15 minutes of my time in a drive through while you are kicked back resting on your lunch break. At least offer to get me a coke or something.

Hey Henry, I just want to make a comment about how some people leave their goods out front at the Salvation Army Store on Racetrack Road after it is closed. Whoever you are, you should be ashamed. This store does not deserve this kind of treatment. There are a lot of people, including myself, that shop there and when this happens, its as if you are just throwing your leftovers to the dogs. Have more pride for the American person. Remember this is America, not some third world country.

Hey Henry, if you can't contact your commissioners, then who can you contact?

Hey Henry, to the wonderful person who found my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson, western boot on back) at the McDonough library and turned it in, MANY thanks! My budget is too tight to buy another one.

Hey Henry, 38% of Henry’s schools did not make AYP. However, by September that number should go down due to retakes and appeals. If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror, not at the schools, and especially not the teachers.

Hey Henry, why does the county keep raising the starting pay on some jobs but does nothing for the people that have been there for a while? Keep compressing the pay scale...real smart.


Hey Henry, who is in charge of furlough days for the County? Apparently no one. What a mess.

Hey Henry, we need an indoor pistol/ rifle range in Henry co. We should not have to drive to Clayton Co. to be able to enjoy shooting our guns. My wife and I wanted to go shoot last Friday and of course traffic north on 75 was stopped, and it took us an hour to get to the range in Forest Park. When we got there at 7:08 they told us the range closes an hour before the store at 8. Needless to say we weren't happy. It would be great to have one closer to home. I know a lot of people who would use it.

Hey Henry, since counties are making many cutbacks perhaps the Henry County Water Authority could cut out its one week stay each year to Savannah while we the taxpayers pay for them to bring their wives and stay in luxury.

Hey Henry, most citizens know the four lane Jonesboro Road is nothing but a "honey hole" for the local police to collect revenue. The ridiculous 45 m.p.h. speed limit is strictly enforced. Set your cruise control when you hit that road and don't give them your money.

Hey Henry, I think the bring-your-dog-to-dinner outside at PJ's is a great idea! Finally the Square has something new.

Hey Henry, someone recently asked why the residents of Toby Springs can't get some safe way to walk to town or the shopping center. Well, here's why--A local official sitting across a conference table from me said that he'd like to have all the housing there demolished because it's "blighted." This was the third or fourth housing area for which he used that word; they all just happen to be full of non-whites.

Hey Henry, as back to school season starts, how about helping out all of us furloughed school teachers by sending in the kleenex, hand sanitizer, and other donations we ask for, so we don't have to use our furloughed paychecks to buy it ourselves. Because that is exactly what all of us do!

Hey Henry, save our tax dollars and disregard the suggestion sent in last week to put out signs reminding drivers to 'stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks' as, it's pretty much common knowledge, the majority of Henry County residents can't read.

Hey Henry, is the take gap give gap just too hard for some of you to figure out when traveling through the square? or are many of you like some of the Henry Co Police when coming through there, it just doesn't apply to you! Pay attention people and TAKE and GIVE the gap. As for the police, if you're on a call, turn your lights on.

Hey Henry, thank you Henry County Times and People First. The Special Pagent is a big part of what makes Henry County special! Melissa Dodgen thank you for daring to believe and dream big dreams! This year my granddaughter Sherrie is living her dream because of special people like you and your mom.

Hey Henry, The Henry BOE Maintenance Department lost one of its workers (electrician) by the name of Darin McGahey last week in Florida. He saved some children from drowning in an undertow and lost his own life. The maintenance department and close co-workers will be praying for his family through these tough times. Even though Darin is not with us anymore, we will always be turning our heads towards that white county van with the big H on the side, Darin and his partner rode in and wondering why? God Bless the McGahey family.


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